Natty Baldhead

Natyy Baldhead
Natty Baldhead

It is said, “Unity is strength”. So, when Conroy Jarrett (first tenor), Jermaine Cunningham (High Tenor), Rohan Brown (Mid-Tenor) Mario Morris (Bass/Baritone) Raymond Hewitt (baritone/Musical Conductor) came together to form the group NATTY BALDHEAD, it was unity at work. Something new, unique and exciting was added to that place called Musicdom.

NATTY BALDHEAD whose debut EP with four songs is distributed by Content Connect Africa, started out as harmony singers, providing backing vocals for VP’s recording artiste Althea Hewitt. Content Connect Africa, the CCA for short and stationed in Johannesburg South Africa, is one of the largest distributors of recorded music in the African continent.
The group has been performing in numerous hotels on Jamaica’s north coast, gaining popularity on the hotel circuit. They is in demand. Showmanship is their craft and their blended harmonies were enviable.

As their musical maturity grew, their vision of being more than just backing vocalists led them to become a recording group. Reggae music being the group’s first love took precedence, and they went on their way to combining classy choreography with balanced harmonies. Their choreography comes from the dictionary of popular Jamaican dance i.e. dance hall, kumina and Reggae. With posh and attractive attire, NATTY BALDHEAD takes great pride in planning each show; while ensuring that adequate rehearsals compliment their efficiency. The colors of red, gold and green, which are synonymous with Reggae music, are also compulsory in what they wear. Their aim is to make bold fashion statements locally and internationally.

This new male vocal entity brings together varying cultures, thoughts, religious concepts, including Rastafarian thoughts, the positive views of the corporate world to the reggae music industry. Hence the name NATTY BALDHEAD. However, they are much more than what you see. Singing and representing various aspects of the world, this vibrant group brings a refreshing sound and authentic appeal to their audiences. NATTY BALDHEAD has performed on several stages. Opening for the band Chalice, performing at “A St. Mary Mi Come from”, “Rebel Salute”, “Sting 2009” and “Jazz and Blues Festival 2014” are just a few of the events where they have already made their impressive mark. It was no surprise that veteran recording artistes Beres Hammond and Jimmy Cliff praised their performance in 2016 at the Blue Essence as ‘awesome’ and ‘truly powerful’. The Blue Essence was once a popular spot for live music in Kingston.

The group has worked assiduously with one of Jamaica’s best producers and arrangers- Clive Hunt, to secure their standard of excellence in their recordings. Their debut EP titled: “Deh Pon a high” also boasts a song of the same name. It addresses the guns for ganja trade and has a catchy melody and chorus. Other songs by NATTY BALDHEAD are combinations with reggae artistes Droop Lion and veteran DJ Big Youth and a song “Listen to the call of the City” featuring well-known dub poet Mutabaruka.

NATTY BALDHEAD represents good music, good looks, sweet harmonies and world-class performances. They are driven. They stand together with the same mission to feed the people with uplifting and entertaining vibrations. They are on a mission that is possible. They are here. They have been here, and they are here to stay.

Contact: John Alexander
Tel: 1-876-310-0872.
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