Jimi Jah

Jimi Jah

Jimi Jah is a Portuguese artist heavily influenced by the musical culture of Jamaica. With the Jamaican fire and the Portuguese melancholy, Jimi projects a wide range of feelings in his tracks, always seeking a strong and coherent balance between sound and content. Amongst some highlights of his path is the concert in the main stage of Musa Cascais Festival and his award victories in both editions of Mash Dem Up Clash Singer.

In 2016, he traveled through Brazil where he discovered, explored and absorbed intrinsically Afro-Brazilian music, which inevitably influenced his own musical expression in a contagious Way. For the following years, Jimi Jah promises to launch several new themes in partnership with various Portuguese producers. A musical journey between various contrasting styles, from New Roots to Digital Dub, through Dancehall and Afrobeat, which Jimi will share with the world, as he is ready to unlock the box where he has kept at least a dozen of originals all to himself.


Tel: +351 914 434 994
Mail: jimijahbooking@gmail.com





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