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Ras Anada

Danny Yenga Kapambwe aka Ras Anada
Vocalist |Composer |Instrumentalist |Director – Mellow Moods |Professional Engineer

Hailing from Kitwe, Zambia, this ‘Muso’ has worked with many renowned artists from his home country, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

He is a professional electrical engineer who graduated from the University of Zambia in 1993. However, it was in May 1996 at the Kitwe Zoo in Kitwe that Ras Anada had his first real stint with live performances as a player/singer. He was also in the organizing committee of the event which has since seen itself going into the annuls of the Zambian Reggae history as the first ever Bob Marley anniversary concert to be held in the town. Ras Anada spearheaded and participated in the subsequent Bob Marley
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