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Willy Wheelz


Artist name: Willy Wheelz

Birth name: Wilbroad Eugene Msiska

Birthday: October 17, 1981

Birthplace: Rumphi North, Malawi

Genres: Reggae, Gospel, Dancehall and Afro Pop

Occupation: singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, missionary

Instruments: Keyboard(piano), bass guitar, lead guitarand drums

Early life
Wilbroad Msiska is born on 17 th October 1981, in a family of 13 . His father , who was a teacher and field assistant in Zambia, had two wives. His father died in 1986 , when he was only four years old. His maternal grandparents raised him in Karonga (Northern part of Malawi / his mother’s birth place) after his father passed away. His maternal grandfather is a blind ma n and this made Wilboard life not an easy road . H is mother was hard working business lady. She used trade fish to pay for children the school fees. His mother was always giving him hope , even when times been rough. He was growing up and recognised that he has a musical ability. This ability keeps him alive and enable s him to get remembered byanyone who neglected with him.

Music career
1999 he started to learn to play key board after seeing his friend playing it. He taught himself by ear and by reading piano books. His major influences in reggae music are Bob Marley, Peter Tosh Joseph Hills of Culture group and Lucky Dube. Soon after completing his secondary school in 2001, he started writing his own songs. Willy Wheelz practiced them in church and as well different places where performances were heard. 2003 he studied Information Technology. Willy was sent by his church (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Malawi) to Sweden on youth exchange program.

In Sweden he had the opportunity to take music production lessons. This was a stepping stone for him. He was so excited and got after his return home more familiar with studio work. Willy continued the training with Bick Kamnganga, who later employed him as a music producer under his label Nalisewo (Later RU Entertainment) from 2006 to 2009. During this period heproduced his Kuchedwa Chala. In 2009 he moved to Zambia, where his elder brother and sisters used to live. God gave Willy a vision, that he would be someone famous, but with no restrictions in regards to his revelations.

Due to this inspiration Willy Wheelz writes different genres. This is makes his style unique and the lyrics different. 2012 after completion of his studies in Missiology, Willy Wheelz moved to South Africa. He produced a number of artists there. He was signed by Bilashaka records the same year. The label got. He got another job with another studio, by the name Giggla Productions. He started working on the album “Hard life goes”,which finished in 2015 January. 2016 he finished his latest album “Say No”. Willy is a focused person and he is ready to bring his career on the next level. He lives after the sky is the limit.


Kwithu Nkuchanya  (2004)

Kuchedwa chala (2007)

Nthawi ikwana (2009)

Hardlife goes (2015)

Say No (2016)

Follow him on:

Twitter: @WillyDrcrack22

For bookings, interviews and dubs. :
Mail: willywheelz@yahoo.co.za | willywheelz5@gmail.com
Tel: +27789703691 or +2784068181

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