Sgt. Brown

image(3)Prince Magwenzi

Prince Magwenzi Aka ‘Sgt. Brown’ was born May 4, in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is now based in Johannesburg, South Africa after relocating 5 years ago.

Brought up in the Ghetto streets of Glenview in Harare after losing both his parents at a young age he turned to music to sooth the pain and channel all his feelings.

The Dancehall Superstar started performing in sound clashes at the age of 15, thereafter steadily began attracting attention and is now looking at breaking into the international scene.

He started out as a DJ before writing and singing his own music, patterning his style largely after the inspiration of the likes of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Sizzla Kalonji, and Beenie Man. Dancehall music is his first love, particularly crafting rhythm tracks.

Sergeant Brown is the full meaning of the name/acronym SGT. BROWN.

Sgt. Brown is about to release his Debut Mix tape titled ‘Attention’ Produced by RiverG-studios and Baby Ras Entertainment.

According to him, we will be saluting him for his work. As it has a message of Peace, Unity, and Love. It will also have elements of his fun party side and calm mature side.

He wants the youth not to give up on their dreams and aspirations, because they can take their talent and work together with others as human beings regardless of their background or races to achieve those dreams.

Sgt. Brown is already giving Johannesburg a taste of what’s to come from his Mix tape in 2013, by performing live at some well known clubs in Johannesburg. So keep your eye out for it, as it’s due to be released very soon.

He plans to take his Genre of ‘Reggae/Dancehall’ to greater heights by exposing South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world to what Zimbabweans have fallen in love with for more than 3 decades now. Keep your eyes peeled and ears to the ground and from the Artist himself I Quote, “You got the starters sit back relax  and wait for the main course and the delicious dessert yet to come, watch this space KABOOOM!!!”- By Sgt. Brown

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