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Once upon a time, there was a budding musician from Pietermaritzburg, who busked around the city playing music he heard on the radio. He went by the name Tosh Cele. Ntsangu Roots ‘Tosh’ Cele. He raised many an eyebrow, playing rock music in Apartheid South Africa back then. As destiny would have it, around the 70’s, he turned to his true calling, Rastafarianism, influenced heavily by Peter Tosh and Bob Marley. Apparently some loved him and others hated him; the makings of an urban legend.

Roots Tosh Cele did not trust the system so he decided to home school all his children and teach them to play musical instruments and about music and life in general. He bequeathed to them not only his talent but also the two most vital musical organs. Roots to ground them, and freedom to be. He also left them in the capable beautiful hands of their Mother to carry on Jah Works. Mom Mystic. Beautiful Strong Black Woman!

They are a musical family. The youngest band member is 10 and the oldest member is 27. There are two more siblings still young and learning and they only perform while busking, just like their father before them. The six band members – Wadada, Judgement, Heaven, Revival, Rainbow and Spear can switch between instruments, lead vocals or backing vocals. The lead guitarist is the ten year old named Judgement. When Roots Tosh Cele passed on to the land of the ancestors, Wadada, the eldest son took over the reign. They live in Edendale on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg, but perform everywhere and anywhere they get a gig. They have performed 3 times  at the uShaka Marine for the Bob Marley Earthday Celebrations + festival + company launch’s . They have been performing together for going on 3 yrs.


Bookings / inquiries: gavinpaul@pmbnet.co.za

Band manager: Gavin Paul Jolliffe





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