Skeleton Blazer

skeleton blazerSabelo Richmond Makapela

Skeleton Blazer was born in the Eastern Cape in 1980, and moved to Gauteng prior to his primary schooling. Skeleton Blazer was exposed to the Rastafari way of life at a very young age through his late step father “BLAH”, and thus the influence of Reggae Music slowly crept in. He started free styling at dub sessions and in 2002 he wrote his first tune ”madontsa”.

Skeleton Blazer was founder and member of the Up-front Krew in 2005, and in 2008 he released his debut album “man of a battle” for FRONTLINE CREW, an independent record label established by members of the Up-front Krew. The single “madontsa” was received warmly by the dancehall/reggae audience and the public at large and was on rotation for over 12 months on Yfm’s Ragga Attack. The album was recorded mixed and mastered at CHO Records by GADDAFI and CASTRO.

In 2009 Skeleton Blazer released a promo album, collaboration with Kings Unlimited Recording Studios. The Promo Album was well received by the public as it contained tunes like “no one”, “this is for the gangstas” and “my loving” ft Masego  and added to his repertoire of fans. It is from this collaboration that FIRE ON DA STREET was born, and it spread throughout the Vaal as it brought the townships favorite artists to the people.

In 2010 Skeleton Blazer released his second album “BIG UP YO’SELF” for FRONTLINE CREW. The album was produced by Shimi “GADDAFI” Mohohlo of CHO Records, and contains tunes like “rock da party” ft Mathematix wich was received very warmly and won him cross over fans. “Rock da party” was shot into a music video, the first by Skeleton Blazer.

In 2011 he offered the second promo album, PROMO #2 produced by Libati for Shacks Production. The promo album contained crowd favorites like “vall massive crew”, “gangsta nakill” and “balance” ft Mr Beef.

He met his favorite artist Sizzla Kalonji in 2011, though he never got to do anything with him non the less it was a confidence booster and brought the future much, much closer.

2012 saw Anthony B land in South Africa and Skeleton Blazer scored a jingle from him, also the “survivor “ single was released, which contained tunes like “survivor”, “blaze up” ft Preacher from Jamaica and an intro by Anthony B.

Also in 2012 Skeleton Blazer shared the stage with the Lucky Dube Family in New Castle in KZN in remembrance of Lucky Dube. Later on in Blue Waters, Cape Town, at the Music Unite Cape Town International Festival he shared the stage with the King of Fire “ CAPELTON.

In 2013 the third album “BLAZE FIRE BLAZE” was released and was received very warmly, and the Yfm Ragga Attack duo Admiral and Jah Seed gave it a “thumbs-up” and put up for profiling in the new year. The album boasts of the dancehall/reggae industry’s (South Africa) cream of the crop in Nathi B on “danya cimi” and Black Dillinger on “it’s our time”. Blaze fire Blaze was recorded, mixed and mastered at FROG Entertainment by Mr. Frog and Star.

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