Sir Silence

SilenceThabo Widzani Ncube

Born February 12th Thabo Widzani Ncube Aka ‘Sir Silence’ in a village called Ngwanyana, Plumtree Western Part of Zimbabwe.

From the age of 13 he stayed with his Uncle who was a teacher and influenced him greatly. Silence always was a musical n vocal youth from a very young tender age.  In his secondary level he was in the school choir which is where he fell deeply in love with singing. He recorded his first song at the age of 16 at Killa studios, but it wasn’t that successful as his family never believed in his musical talent as a musician n Rasta faith. His love for his sound n willingness to share with the world part of his views persuaded him to never look back.

Silence found luck and good fortune with Joe studios a Radio Dialogue in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. He then moved to Johannesburg, South Africa as he struggled to make his career bloom well.  With a vision to fulfil his musical career and pushing on, he met David who was a music producer for songs like Call on Jah at Not Guilty Records. He worked with a few artists from around Africa. Silence has also featured in a few of Zimbabwean Artist Buffalo Souljah’ S videos, he’s done a song called “Kacha” with Best Freand, Enock and also sang a song call “Ngoni”  with Sir Silence and both of them come from Tanzania. His currently running his own studio and recording company at the moment, called Silent Vibes Records where most of his songs have been done and produced by El Supreme.









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