Yagga Flame

yagga flame 2Heinrich Klassen

Heinrich Klassen better known to the public as Yagga Flame ‘The Voice of the People’ is a versatile artist/performer/vocalist, from Cape Town Kuilsriver who made a breakthrough on the reggae/roots reggae /dancehall scene in and around Cape Town in the year 2014. With singles like Don’t judge me (Chris Brown cover version) and Don’t let me go featuring Wipeout and Mr Casanova featuring Flames Jahsun.

Heinrich Klassen started taking singing seriously after he finished matric in the year 2006 at Kleinvlei Secondary school. At first he started singing along to the songs playing over the radio, recording the songs he likes the most on tapedeck, and afterwards imitating the person singing trying to sound completely the same. He moved from Dennemere where he was raised by his grandma and grandpa to go live with his mom and dad in Kuilsriver .

He (‘Mr Hein’ at the time) joined an Afrikaans/English rap crew with the name BST (Blood Sweat & Tears) in 2007/8. Where he mostly focused on doing backing vocals and harmony alongside an Afrikaans MC and an English MC. He then joined an RnB group in 2008-2011 called 3rd Step, consisting of 3 members (‘Liefling’ at the time) where he was doing the lead vocals.

The year 2012 saw Heinrich Klassen devoted to the Rastafarian faith and took the Nazareth vow. He made use of his vocal abilities knowledge and experience, and started singing reggae/roots reggae/ dancehall with a new approach, with the aim to educate uplift and develop the community as well as the youth in every ghetto in and around the Cape Flats, he then changed his stage name from ‘Mr Hein’ to ‘Yagga Flame’. Having worked with various reggae/dancehall producers around Cape Town like Jah Link (FlyWeh Records), Spyda Strings (Rebels’tone Music Lab), Ally Styles (Black on Black Productions), Bliksemstraal (Bright Future Records), Dj Seventon (Natty Natty Recording Studios),  Admiral Bull (Bird Cage Records), Selectah Riddim and Ras Dan (Uplivement Sound).
Yagga Flame almost has 20 singles recorded from the year 2013-2014, and is planning on releasing his debut compilation in 2015/2016 . With some of the latest projects already dropping early January 2015.

Yagga Flame is also a very entertaining Live performer with passion and ambition, a man on a mission with a vision to educate develop and uplift through reggae music.




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