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Botanist Releases Debut EP – The High Way

The High Way EP is described as a Modern Dancehall & Reggae 11-track project, infused with a variety of sounds but the same core concept. It’s a craft constructed by so many dynamics to such an extent that, it covers every relevant musical theme. As it can go from a heartfelt record like Africa to a highly-spirited song such as Weed and Ah Bottle. It features local Dancehall & Reggae artists such as Pepsin, Fruitystar, Bun’Pot and Jah Kongo and King Vuvu from Ghana.

It is indeed an enjoyable listen and can take you on the highway and back. The EP is a fairly good introduction to the artiste called Botanist – Sniper from Afar,  who has been gradually gaining ground since his single release “Summer Time” in 2016 [which incidentally is not included in this debut EP]. The single received an amiable response and some rotation. He was then billed as the Support act for Chronnix Live in SA and went on to feature in many local gigs around Johannesburg.

The EP is his official entry into the Dancehall Reggae scene and has a stamp of approval from fellow peers as evidenced by the number of collaborations with some of SA reggae stalwarts like Daddy Spencer, Jah Kongo and Skeleton Blazer. Other Collabos include another rising artiste Bun Pot who is his stablemate at Maximum Stylez on the track The Storm is Over.

Faith is the outstanding track on this EP where Botanist flexes his vocal abilities and waxes lyrical about Faith. The opening track Africa which features Bun Pot and Pepsin, is quite a deviant from his persona which is much more inclined to tough Dancehall Ragga look. So it was a pleasant surprise to be welcomed with an opening track with such a laid back social commentary nature. Daddy Spencer and Jah Kongo add the anchor needed to ground the EP with their mature delivery on the track Andenzi Ngabomo. The EP is now available on all major digital platforms.

This experimental project will take you on a journey of Mzansi Dancehall and Reggae with a different flavour – it is really music you can enjoy anytime, anywhere including on “The High Way”!  – BotanisT

Botanist – The High Way EP

Track List
1. Africa ft. Bun’Pot & Pepsin
2.  Faith
3. Andenzi Ngabomo ft. Daddy Spencer & Jah Kongo
4. Jah Makes it Easy ft. Fruity Star
5. The Storm is Over ft. Bun’pot
6. Omiga ft. Skeleton Blazer
7. Miss Goodie
8. Mama
9. Bedroom Talk
10. Weed and ah Bottle
11. Miss Goodie Remix ft. King Vuvu & Pepsin

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Maximum Stylez Studios
Featured Artists: Daddy Spencer; Jah Kongo; Bun’Pot; Skeleton Blazer; Pepsin; Fruity Star; King Vuvu
Genre: Reggae/Dancehall
Label: Maximum Stylez Records & Publishing
Released: 04 April 2017

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