CD Review ~ Wild Flower by Daddy Spencer

Wild Flower  by Daddy Spencer

Daddy Spencer’s new CD is aptly titled. Ours is not a perfectly manicured garden where flowers are watered, pruned and well taken care of. Our industry is out there in the open to take care of itself. Hence wild flowers sprout everywhere. But this here is a beautiful flower that grew from the concrete jungle. Wild Flower, is the latest  offering by Mbulelo Mato aka DaddySpencer or Daddyology.

The one main thing that stuck to mind when listening to the CD was how DaddySpencer is here to stay, he has been there from the beginning and he is in for the long haul, not for the fame. The CD is a collection of songs recorded in a period of over three years. He worked with several producers from around the world, from Brazil to Zimbabwe.  This variation you can feel right throughout the CD.

The album has 15 tracks with all lyrics written and performed by Daddy himself

It opens up with Mount Zion.  It starts off with a sombre Daddayspencer wondering or asking or warning us (or all of the above) if we ready for Mount Zion.  Then he brilliantly joins forces with the Gugulethu Tenors, a male quartet from Cape Town (probably a first in Reggae History in South Africa) to intensify the melodic mysterious tune. It’s a beautiful haunting track that lingers on for a long while.  It is clear that there was chemistry and magic brewing among the Swedes and Artists, as this is A  Shiloh Ites Production from Sweden.

Track number 7, Sicel’uzise uthando – (Please bring the love) which was first released as a single in the beginning of the year is personal Favourite here at MzansiReggae. It’s a hit single with the potential of becoming huge,( if only our DJ’s can give it nuff airplay). Sicel’uzise uthando  is on the “Wings Riddim” produced by Black Time productions from Brazil. The riddim is perfectly laid out to complement his unique voice where the lyrics are essentially what drives the chune. Very simple lyrics with a powerful message:

‘bawo sicel’uzise uthando,bawo / sicela wenze uxolo / umhlaba wonke nezizwe zakho zonke/ thina skhathele
yimilo, kugcwele iintsizi nezikhalo / umhlaba wonke,nabantu bakho bonke’
“father please bring the love / father please make peace / all over the world / we are tired of the fighting / too much sorrows and cries/ all over the earth/”

Something that Daddy Spencer feel most strongly about these days. ‘I see the gang violence in
our neighbourhoods and at the same time all the civil wars going on all over,’ he explained.

Hush a dancehall track that is up tempo. Proving how versatile he is and how he embraces all the genres within Reggae.

Ndo hlala di ngu Rasta mna. A declaration of his belief. Here DaddySpence is taking a stand, not defending anything, simply declaring his stance as a RastaMan. He chose a perfect riddim that is laid back so as not to distract the lyrics

Wild Flower, the title track, has the distinct Rebelstone Musik Lab signature on it. It has that unique Kaapstad feel to it, and the autotune is kept to a minimum, which makes it such a pleasurable listen.

I Love you Girl. Ofcourse how can Rasta do album without showin sum love to the sisters. This one is for the Ladies, a dancehall track from the laboratory of Rebelstone Musik.

Then it closes off with the opening track Mount Zion, this time its a  Live recording  with the Gugulethu Quartet. A special treat.

All in all a well rounded and balanced album, the production is flawless, the tracks well selected.  As stated earlier, Mbulelo Mato is here for the long haul. He got experience and wisdom and ofcourse Jah by his side.  We will be seeing/earing more from him, and this year especially seem to be the year he will get his shine, because he works hard on his craft.

This album is a pleasure to listen to. It makes nice background music while you working or doing whatever. It will get your tempo high, get you to move a bit, then it will get you to sit and ponder a bit, or just make you feel irie. Either way, it evokes emotion.

Wild Flower is available in stores at The African Music Store on Long Street, and at Yardie Trends in Observatory, Cape Town.  Soon it will be available for digital download.

wild flower


1 Mount Zion ~ Gugulethu Quartet backing vocals. Shiloh Ites Production Sweden

2 Ndohlala NdinguRasta ~ Rebels’tone Music Lab Cape Town

3 Sukumshaya ~ Rebels’tone Music Lab Cape Town

4 Wild Flower ~ Rebels’tone Music Lab Cape Town

5 Hush Now ~ Rebels’tone Music Lab Cape Town

6 Jah Spear ~ Shiloh Ites Production Sweden

7 Sicel’uzise Uthando ~ Black Times Productions Brazil

8 Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend ~  Dj Noox-Kiltir  Re-Union Island

9 Children Crying ~ Live Wire Record Botswana

10 I Love You Girl ~ Rebels’tone Music Lab Cape Town

11 Sorry Mom ~ Rebels’tone Music Lab Cape Town

12. Rudy ~ Shiloh Ites Sweden

13 My Zion Train ~  Blackstarliner Movement Zimbabwe

14 Hush ~ Remix by Spliff Rec Cape Town

15 Mount Zion Live ~ Shiloh Ites  Sweden

Release Date: 06 Feb 2014
Label: Independent



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