Celcius – Xenophobia [Leaders of Today]

Title: Xenophobia [Leaders of Today]
Artist: Celcius
17 April 2015

Leaders of Today
watch over the pain
Don’t let this get away
Now way No way

So unbelievable So miserable
Leaders of today haffi get on the table
talk about this get level
Afrika unite together we are able

Innocent people and children
they light the fire and kill ’em
what kinda of system is this?
mi cyaan believe whats this

Black man ah kill ah black man,
white man ah kill ah black man
mi cyaan believe whats this
someone stop the murderers
Leaders of Today
two wrongs don’t make it right
we can’t unite when we put up a fight
open up yo mind open up yo sight
we cant afford to loose more life
i love our motherland Afrika…..



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