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Top Ten Social Commentary Songs 2015

One thing about Reggae Dancehall genre is that the artists have never been shy of confronting societal ills or commenting on issues that directly affect society. Its a long standing tradition that dates back to Reggae boldly and openly singing about the legalization of marijuana and its health benefits [which the rest of the world is only now catching up to], to songs about/against apartheid and the call for repatriation to Africa. Its music that carries the message and engages its audience. From xenophobia attacks to Tributes to refugee crisis to Child Abuse, the genre added their voice and had this to say in 2015.

Top Ten Social Commentary Songs

10. Trigga – #FeesMustFall
Students Uprising against hiking of university Fees [Hip Hop]

9. Kosha ZA – Xenophobia
Xenophobia /Afrophobia

8.Badman and Rutsman Spice – World Unity
Xeophobia / Afrophobia

7. Itesman – Tribute to Magnificent
Tribute to a Fallen Souljah

6. Various Artists – Xenophobia Riddim

5. Jah LinkShe Need a Better Man
Domestic Abuse
Jah link

4. NC DreadFire Burn Dem
Child Abuse

3. Sista Phumi and Thutukani Cele – Free West Papua
Genocide in West Papua

2. Celcius – Leaders of Today

1. ZoroSerious Time
Refugee Crisis