Chimurenga: The People’s Struggle Mega Mix

Title: Chimurenga: The People Struggle Mega Mix
Mixed by: Tzaddi Wadadah II at D.O.V.E. Muzik Studio [USA]
Composed by: Riddim Yut Productions [South Afrika]
All Songs Mastered by Laurence “Typpi I” Alfred

01. Iyata Safari – Fighting For Liberty
02. Zion Starr – United Afrika
03. Gwaii – Afrikan Vybz
04. Ras Arcane – One Love, One Blood
05. Nego Hights – Nyahbinghi Vybz
06. Chaddy Royal – Melanated People
07. Tuff Like Iron – Tune In
08. Princess Kazayah – You Can Do It
09. King Mas – Never Again
10. Jalifa & Reddy – Unite
11. Ras I-Dre – Revolution

This project “Chimurenga” holds true to its name meaning, “The People’s Struggle” which is a Shona-Bantu word from regions in Afrika such as Zimbabwe. It represents that everyone who is able in the nation, from the youngest to the eldest, struggles for truths and rights and the progress of the nation as a people. This is why we want to livicate these works to the I-vine Creator of all substance and to our forefathers and foremothers throughout all the ages who have struggled for our liberation selflessly to establish equal rights and justice which is endowd, by life, to all and not some. Give thanks to all who I-tributed to this project and helped to make it possible. We hope this may inspire you to make a progressive change in your life today.



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