Blaq Supreme

From The Real Blaq Supreme to The Rasta Buoy Sounds [RBS]. Blaq Supreme considers himself as one of the fresh new crop of Reggae Ambassadors. He has formed a label Rasta Buoy Sounds with – long time associate Jahnett Tafari – forming a partnership with Rustenburg based Powertainment as management team. A strategic move that will see him and his collaborators garnering a wider audience and venturing into new avenues like Television presenting (Powertainment also heads Bantu Media, Rastafari United Front media wing which focuses on giving Rastafari community platform on SABC TV/ Radio). He is now gearing up for the summer season armed with a tight schedule of performances around the country to promote his latest project: Roots & Culture. Below is a little chat with him about this and other things.

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Who is Blaq Supreme?
My name is Thandile Jim mostly known as Blaq Supreme in the creative industry. I got the name Supreme from another artist called “Ndlulamthi”; one day I met him in Cape Town at Old Cross Road Area, and he said to me: ‘hey Ntangam you look Supreme. I was wearing a Coat that day yeahh…

Where it all began…
Well, my journey in music has been ups and down hey,  but I choose to focus on positive things. I started music and performing arts at CAP (Community Arts Projects) in Cape Town, Woodstock, and also I did song writing at Don Bosco also known as Petric’s House.

New project…
Uhhmm. for now I only have few songs compiled as a promo disk, just to give the people a taste of whats to drop on my Official Project. The Official Project is titled Root & Culture, official Blaq print and its pure organic reggae sounds with a little bit of cross over R&B Fusion. I’ve worked with some talented producers such as King Rebel from Kenya, also worked with Ras Vuyo of Azania Band from Cape Town; Dub Akom Productions from France; Danrob from Uganda. On collaboration songs, I only got Jahnett Tafari for now, but also looking forward to collaborate with Empress Anela, known as Jahmena.

Career highlights and downs so far…
Uhhmm I would say my biggest high light was when I performed for President Jacob Zuma at the Interfaith Gathering in Free State. My downs are a bit plenty, it hasn’t been an easy road to get where I am now.

New Label?
Yeah I got a new contract with Powertainment as my new management now.(Signed) Shout out to Matla Lithunya known as Don Power RudeBoyShuffla.

Jahnett Tafari collabos…
Yeah!! Me and Jahnett Tafari are business associates. We are the Co-Founders of RBS International together with one of our friend by the name of Paneled Msi.

Blaq Supreme @Carlo Wayne Photoshoot2

Uhmm well, firstly, RBS stands for “Rasta Bouy Sounds”, which is Me, Jahnett Tafari and VGL. Powertainment is our new partner and management, so I normally use the term RBSPowertainment for all our followers and supporters to see that RBS and Powertainment is now one big reggae family.

What are you involved in outside of your work as a musician?
Besides music I’m also busy with (FDCO) Fathers Do Care Organization, working as a Child Care Worker. I’m also starting my foundation called Blaq Youth Foundation.

Currently working on…
Well, I’m currently finishing off My long awaited project, Roots & Culture (Official Blaq Print) also working on a new single with Jahnett Tafari, produced by Akom Records from Europe, France; also busy working on RBS collaboration project with Jahnett Tafari.

Musicians you draw inspiration from?
Uhhmm well,  musicians who really  inspires Me is Trey Songs, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Drake, Lil Wayne and Jah Cure.

Artist you would like to collaborate with?
Locally, I’d love to collaborate with Azania Band again simply because I think they still got the pure form of Sound. Internationally its Jah Cure, because he’s my hero.

Live performances or studio work?
Well, I love live performance because its where I sing and get to see people’s emotions, its always a good feeling to see people singing along, dancing, screaming and going crazy over the songs I produce.

Plans for the future?
Well, there are lots of future plans, but for now the near future plan is to start RBS Films, also looking at having a TV Show on a national Television and also establishing myself on an international scale.

For Bookings:
Manager RudeBoyShuffla, Matla Lithunya