Forward into 2014

Looking Forward into 2014, We be watching and hoping to sight and ear more from

Black Dillinger @blackdillinger
After touring and voicing Dubs and doing live Perfomances, we would love to hear the culmination of these experiences ….

Faya Uman @FayaUman
After cancelling her live performances in the latter part of the year and simply disappearing from the social networks, we are truly hoping that she disappeared into the studios making magic and 2014 will deliver  her into her much anticipated sophomore album

Teban Cee @TebanCee
The ever so ready and vibrant faya starter recently launched his mixtape in Cape Town, we hoping he will be promoting it fiercely and continue to drop singles and broaden his repertoire

Jeremiah Fyah Ises @Fyah_Ises
We are ever so looking forward to Fyah Ises studio album. Judging from what we have heard from his live performances, this sure gonna be a nice CD to have on our shelves

Nathi B @nathi_b
The Artists’ Artist.  It gonna be hard to beat his own record.  We hoping to see more live performances and perhaps a follow up album to his seminal debut

Chanty Natural @ChanttyNatural
Could this be the year Chantty Natural Buss up the scene and give us sum Botswana Vybz?

Lioness Productions SA @LionessProdSA
Another Winter Warmer. Another Podcast. Another Fi rst Friday. Another Lioness Production.  We can’t help but wonder which outernational artist they will be bringing in 2014

Conquer Arson @ThugArson
This dude has been on the underground scene for far too long. He has the potential of bussing out and showing his lyrical prowess.  He is well on his way into professionalizing his efforts. Perhaps 2014 could be his.  

Blak Kalamawi @BlakKalamawi
We really hope that Blak Kalamawi could hook up with some serious Artist Management team that could help unleash the potential and talent that this humble yute has.

Undivided Roots ZA @1Gavinpaul
We would  love to ear a studio album coming from these yutes to immortalize this talent. We would love to have their CD on our shelves. Is gonna be a Collector’s Item this.

MiszDee @MizDee
We hoping that its the year she gonna shine by releasing more singles and maybe an EP and getting on stage to broaden her audience.

Riddim Yute Productions
Another Riddim Please suh!


We wish to sight/ear collabos like: Nkulee Dube & Nathi B; Undivided Roots feat. Momo Dread ; Blak Kalamawi & MizDee;  Teban Cee & Teba. Jerimiah Fyah Ises & SkeletonDaScientist. NC Dread and Chantty Natural. And mo’ crazy collabos and cross border collabos.

Wouldn’t it be also nice to see Nkulee Dube touring South Africa for a change. Headlining her own show being supported by other female artists and DJ’s. A Female Fire we seh.

Mo Live Performances. Mo Cross Border Collabos. Mo Live gigs. Mo exposure for artists. Mo airplay pon the radio and at the dances. Mo U N I T Y Mo Love.