Introducing Zaimarn

Zaimarn, whose real name is Zama Maseko, is a young fresh artist set to break into the Reggae Dancehall scene by infusing a local flavour into his music. With an EP set to drop in August, a music video in the making, a distribution deal signed with EzyJust Music Publishing and collaborations with other artists [Teban Cee, Ras Mashi], he is one of the new generation set to change the direction of the Reggae Dancehall scene.

MzansiReggae caught up with him for a little chat to find out more about the young artiste.

Who is Zaimarn?
ZaiMarn is a multi-talented musician who brings a unique style to the Dancehall and Reggae world. He has found a platform to accurately express himself without boundaries through his unique skill of rhyming in both English and vernacular.

Why the name ZaiMarn?
The name ZaiMarn are two words joined together.”Zai” refers to the Japanese meaning of dosage for medicine or drug, and the “Marn” refers to rastamarn. So in short he is a drug or medicine u can’t get enough of, no rehab for Zai Music.

How did your journey as a musician begin?
Growing up I used to be part of a school choir and a dance group which I really did with passion. Then in 2008 I won a dance competition together with my dance group and the prize involved a recording deal, so that was when i realised my art of writing music, so the journey began.

Why Reggae Music?
My love for reggae music began at a young age, growing up I loved listening to reggae music because my uncle used to play a lot of reggae music from the likes of Bob Marley, Maxi Priest, Shabba Ranks, Inner Circle and many more. So when I realised my art of writing there was no any other genre I saw myself doing besides dancehall and reggae music, but since we are in a society that doesn’t really listen to reggae I decided to use a unique style that would accommodate other members of society.

Which artist and producers are you working with on your new project?
My new project is called the ZaiNation and it will be released 1st of August 2015 and it features artist like Ras Mashi, Teban Cee, IB4Real and Beatjunkiez. Producers that I have worked with includes Lehandro, J.S.K and international producer from Swaziland Master Seth.

How has the general response to your previous work been, and what have you learnt from that experience?
I would say its been a challenge that I had to overcome, because reggae music in South Africa and Internationally is in  competition with other known genres like House music, Hip hop etc. As a reggae musician I’ve faced different challenges, like the lack of financial support since making music requires a lot of money and so is recording an album and shooting music videos.
Getting my music to the right ears has also been a challenge, and fortunately I just sealed a deal with EzyJust Music Publishing company, because that’s an essential to the music made by the artist  and that’s one the main reason why most music made by local musicians is not heard.

It’s been a long journey that has taught me to be calm, patient and to work even harder and this experience also taught me to keep on doing what makes my soul at ease, because in doing so, you draw positive energy to everything that completes your life (the universe conspires) and for me making music is what completes me.

How do you find being signed by a professional artist management company?
I find it as a blessing and an opportunity that Jah has given me, and I’m grateful to have my music published by EzyJust Music Publishers.


Any other activities you involved in outside of your work and what are you currently working on?
I’m currently doing my last year on Law of Paralegals at Tshwane University of Technology and I co-own a clothing line called Two KlaSick, which stands for two sick classes coming together to bring one classy product.

Which artist would you like to work /collaborate with and why?
Locally, I would like to work with Faya Uman, because she is good at combining English and vernacular to make a reggae song, and the fact that she is one of the few local female reggae musicians that are working hard at making sure that their music is heard by the right ears.

Internationally I would like to work with Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale and BurnaBoy. We have one thing in common, which is bringing a different flavour in the Reggae and Dancehall world.

Which do you prefer; Live performance or studio work?
I prefer live performance because on stage more creativity kicks in.

How can promoters get in touch with you/your management team?

For Bookings:
Tel: +27 74 850 3166/ +27 63 114 6178

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