Introducing Kosha ZA

Kosha ZA is a talented youth from Pretoria who is slowly creeping in the fibre of the Reggae Dancehall scene. His first self produced single – I am a Lion – got the attention of many a keen listener and helped to kick start his career in music. Kosha has two valuable qualities on his side; patience and discipline which will see him stand the test of time in the music industry. Below is a Q&A session with him.

Who is Kosha ZA?
Kosha ZA is a 20 year old Reggae and Dancehall artist from Mabopane in Pretoria. A young boy trying to spread the message through music. I got the name Kosha from my ex-classmate because of the church I attended and I just added ZA.

How did your journey as a musician begin?
Well, I started doing music at the Sunday school’s choir and my friend introduced me to music school and I went there to learn music theory. I chose a guitar because I love it and because my friend is a pianist so we had to make our small band. I had a crush for Reggae but at that time, I was into soul and RnB music. I gave myself a time to check Reggae and I just felt complete in it. It gave me a warm feeling and decided to stay in it.

Tell us about your new album/project. Which artists/producers are you working with?
I am busy with my first album called Revelation which was supposed to be an E.P. I am producing all of my songs in it. Clemmy is the female poet who will be part of it and I will see if there will be more hands on it. For now I am writing the music and I will see after my part if there is a need for more hands.

How has the general response to your previous work been? What have you learnt from that experience?
Truly speaking I did not expect so much love and support from people around the world. I released few songs but hey, I feel like I have released an album. People love the message and the music as a whole. I have learnt that the quality of the music says a lot about an artist and always plan ahead. Give people what they like as long as it’s positive.

What have been your career highlights and downs so far?
Highlights are just great. I managed to get radio plays internationally with my first single titled “I AM A LION” and I got a chance to ride on the riddim by Abra Simz called “SUMMER LOVE” and the name of the song there is “THORNS OF ROSES” and the downs are, lack of shows, band members come and go, a challenge to shoot a music video and failing to get an air play on home radio stations.

Are you signed to a label/artist management?
No, I am feeding from my palms.

What activities are you involved in outside your work as a musician?
To tell the truth, there are no activities I am involved in besides music. I am just married to the frequencies.

What are u currently working on?
My concern now is to finish the album. Currently that is where my hands are attached.

Which musicians do you draw you inspiration from?
As u can hear my voice. I am inspired by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Colbert Mukwevho and Steel Pulse as a whole, Sizzla, Damian Marley, Capleton, Buju Banton and Richie Spice and many more. There are lots and lots of artists who inspire me.

Which artist would you like to work/collaborate with and why? Local or international.
Well, there are 2 artists I would like to see myself collaborating with. First is Zahara because she has a good African voice and her lyrics are really cool. I hear myself adding some beautiful flavor in her music and the second artist is Damian Marley. Damian is a fighter and he has good flows. My choruses would be nice for his front line songs and he is very brave, there is a lot I could learn from him.

Which do u prefer; live performances or studio work?
I prefer live performances because I can express myself in front of people and I enjoy studio work sometimes because that is where I can transform my emotions into melodies.

What are your plans for the future?
All I am planning now is to have some tours. People should start seeing a lot of Kosha ZA live on the stage.

How can promoters get in touch with you?
For Bookings:
Email: koshazakings@gmail.com | btmapako@gmail.com
Facebook and Twitter: KoshaZA