Luwe Da Lion Latest Album – The 1st Prince | 2024

Luwe Da Lion - The 1st Prince

Luwe Da Lion Releases Album under Blackness Blue Productions

The first impression about the 1st Prince album is that it belongs to Sammy Royal. The album is listed as Sammy Royal The 1st Prince. It does not appear under Luwe’s Spotify account but on Sammy Royal’s. Not even on the label account Blackness Blue Productions, but Sammy Royal. It is safe then to say this is Sammy Royal’s album featuring Luwe Da Lion. So when you go searching for Luwe’s 1st Prince album, make sure to type Sammy Royal.

The second impression of the album is that when you delve into it, you can’t help but to reminisce about Luwe’s earlier works (if you have been listening to Luwe Da Lion). It’s a contrast that is warranted, as he has grown, the environment he finds himself has drastically changed and he is naturally keeping up with the times. Still, one can’t help the nostalgic feeling of the Roots n Culture production days, way back in the Soundcloud days. He laced the track Play on the Thando Riddim, On the Live & Joy Riddim he jumped on with the track Live and Love and a single Where is The Love ; All produced by Roots n Kulcha Entertainment from his hometown in KZN. Those were the days.

Luwe Da Lion – Live & Joy

Just like many before him, Luwe took a leap and relocated to the city of gold where he signed up with Blackness Blue Productions under the direction of Sammy Royal. On arrival at the newly established Blackness Blue Production, Luwe was paired with another artist signed to the label, Maffee Gee, to form a duet which had a forgettable name. They went on to perform together at live gigs dressed in matching costumes (the ones similar to those couple goals outfits), then they hit the studio voicing over Riddims produced by Sammy Royal.

The 1st Prince Album

The album opens up with I am Love, a beautiful ballad and aptly titled, cos nobody sings Love like Luwe does. Not only does he sing about Love, he sings love, he is Love. That pure unadulterated Love. The album features South African Music Awards Winners Reign Afrika and Blakka Yute. Reign Afrika on the track Light, is a joy to listen to, both artists blend well together in the same way Blakka Yute blends in nicely on Press and Play. The album feels a bit like a pop, or rather modern Dancehall or a mixture of Dancehall and Pop, or something along those lines. It resonates with the young crowd and one or two club bangers in there. Sammy Royal produced the beats, Luwe provided the lyrics, what is missing is the original Luwe’s voice. It’s just not the same. The album feels like it was rushed to meet a certain deadline. Oh, did we mention that it is Sammy’s Album.

Title: The 1st Prince
Artist: Luwe Da Lion
Featured Artists: Reign Afrika | Blakka Yute | Nthabi Soul
Produced by: Sammy Royal
Label: Blackness Blue Production
Year: 2024


  1. I Am Love (Uthando)
  2. For The Ladies
  3. Game Changer
  4. Light Ft. Reign Afrika
  5. Ngizothumela Ft. Nthabi Soul
  6. Press and Play Ft. Blakka Yute
  7. Yah Pretty
  8. Take it Easy



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