Muthoni Drummer Queen Releases New Dancehall Single- Suzie Noma

Muthoni Drummer Queen – Suzie Noma

Cover: MDQ - Suzie Noma

Title: Suzi Noma

Artist: Muthoni Drummer Queen

Producer: 39eme Chambre

Genre: Dancehall / Urban

Release: 08.12.2017

Label: Muthoni Drummer Queen

Acclaimed Kenyan singer, rapper, drummer and all rounded boss Lady, Muthoni Drummer Queen just dropped a new single titled “Suzie Noma”. This certified club banger is the third single off her upcoming album titled ‘SHE’ scheduled for March 2018.

Produced by Swiss production duo GR! & Hook and Santo, “Suzie Noma” is built on a
dancehall foundation mixed with strong subs and layered with catchy melodic
progressions, and marks yet another signature collaboration between Muthoni and the
Swiss duo.

She talks about the song’s powerful message: “Suzie Noma is a celebration of female friendship and empowerment of women all over Africa. It’s about building something with your girls for yourselves and for future generations. It’s about us women building our financial security together and manifesting big dreams!”

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“Suzie Noma” audio comes alongside a dance video that features the Drummer Queens dance crew in Switzerland. In Muthoni’s words: “I really want everyone to listen to the song as they dance to it. I really want everyone to catch the uplifting vibes that we put into the track and to joyfully celebrate themselves and the women in their life.”

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