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Introducing Cara Feral, Kenya’s Rising Reggae Artist

Kenya’s Reggae Dancehall rising star Cara Feral has charted her way to the top where she now sit among the Top Ten Reggae Dancehall artists in Kenya according to Kenya’s very own top star Shamir. She has worked with celebrated producer ZJ Heno who produced her track Daily Dose and voiced on his highly acclaimed Destination Riddim which featured Kenya’s finest alongside Lutan Fyah, Randy Valentine King Mas and Stonebwoy.

Based in Nairobi, Cara Feral music speaks to a broad audience across the globe as she touches on topical issues with authenticity and flair. On international Woman’s Day she released a single ‘Woman of Steel‘ which debuted at number 10 on iTunes Hot Tracks Reggae Charts, May 2017; making her the first East and Central African Reggae artist to debut on the itunes reggae charts. Her sweet melodic voice with a feral vocal range is set to capture the hearts of many as the steadily makes a name for herself on the international scene.

We reached out to her via email and in her own words let her introduce her fine self.

Who is Cara Feral?
Cara Feral is a lover of life & music. A woman after her dreams, just ask hard work & sacrifice. Always putting in extra effort to become the best version of me.  My name Cara is an acronym of the first letters of all my official names whereas I picked up Feral during my vocal classes because of my wide vocal range which means untamed, it also fits my personality as I like to live free and uncontrolled.

How and When did it all  start?
Music has been a part of me since when I can remember. I’ve been singing and participating in music related events ever since I was a child, at some point I also got to be a praise and worship leader at my church.  I came to learn and love Reggae music while growing up through an uncle who lived with my family, he’d always tune in to a Reggae station which made me develop a fondness for the genre. A good number of my close friends and the men I happened to date loved Reggae and that automatically had an influence towards my love for Reggae which in turn inspired me to pursue it as my preferred music genre with a touch of RnB which I love.

What made you decide and stick to Reggae Dancehall?
I Love Reggae Dancehall music’s uniqueness, rich sound & blend of instruments which is breathtaking. I decided to pursue this genre because it gives me the chance to express myself the best way words can’t describe. Reggae is a universal language enjoyed & celebrated among many countries in the world, through it there’s truth, strength, encouragement, hope & positive vibes, I also do Pop & Afrobeats but Reggae Dancehall have my heart & soul captured.

Speaking of Reggae and Dancehall, how is the Kenyan scene?
The Reggae Dancehall scene in Kenya is vibrant right now, there’s so much potential & positive attention, as you may have noticed, there has been a steady flow of Jamaican artists visiting Kenya & also holding concerts. Major players in Kenya are a few but one notable artist is Shamir who is an exceptional singer, in terms of influence Wyre is currently doing good.

What do you feel distinguishes your work from that of other artists?
What sets me apart is my unique sound & voice according to most of those I’ve got a chance to interact with. My delivery which is afro infused with a touch of Pop & RnB too and on top of all that, my feral vocal range which I’m still learning by the day definitely stands out.

How do you strike a balance between expressing yourself and making music which your supporters will find appealing?
Most of my music revolves around our day to day lives cutting across all ages & different backgrounds, I try as much as possible to include everyone in the message I put out through the lyrics. In expressing myself I know I reach so many people who may be undergoing similar circumstances as I am, be it love or any other life experience, this helps me hold a balance. At the end of the day we are all human and we go through similar situations one way or the other.

Its been an interesting journey for you, What would you consider as your highlights and downs so far?
I’m thankful for every phase of my journey in music so far that has shaped me to be who I am today and still continue shaping my future. In every celebration & every rejection I find a lesson. One of the most memorable highlights to date was when I got a management deal at Majestic Trends, who are playing a major role in my music and brand. Getting to work with top international producers, featuring in riddims with various internationally celebrated artists, getting my music played on different radio stations worldwide also not forgetting international blog features like Mzansi Reggae. My concern is not getting enough support and play from the Kenya mainstream media which is my home & birthplace just because I don’t associate with certain cliques or cartels. This is a major concern & challenge affecting my bookings & overall music but all that will be a matter of the past very soon.

Tell us what’s it like working with the best and celebrated in the industry.
It’s a great experience and honor with every chance I get to work with the established players in Reggae Dancehall or the larger music industry. Working with ZJ Heno who is an internationally celebrated producer & DJ is amazing, I enjoy every moment of it & from our released projects you can tell we’ve got some great working chemistry, this also serves as a motivation to keep going and mark my place in the international Reggae Dancehall scene.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently voicing on more riddims as usual, focusing on collaborations with both international & local artists too and I’ve been shooting new music videos that you really need to watch out for, they will be dropping in the course of the year. I recently started rehearsals on both acoustic & full band sets which am really enjoying, soon I be performing at a gig near you, be on the look out.

Which is your favorite song, from all your recordings?
This has to be one of my hardest questions to answer. I can’t pick a specific one because every song I do addresses a unique issue that I feel I needed to express at that moment when writing. Every song is special in its own way and for that I have undivided love for all of them.

Which artist would you like collaborate with?
Honestly I admire & appreciate a lot of musicians from around the world, if I start mentioning who I would like to work with I’m sure the list will be endless. Lemme give it a try; Alaine, Chris Martin, Busy Signal, Sean Paul & Tory Lanez all whom am a big fan of because I love & relate to their music. I would also like to work with Queen Shebbah from Uganda I like her style, others I’d like to work with include Sarkodie & A Pass their music is lit. If I had one musical wish right now, working with Major Lazer would be it reason being they’ve got it when it comes to hit songs.

What have you got in store for 2017?
There’s a lot lined up from music videos, new music from big riddims & international producers, collaborations a whole lot is in store trust me. Plans are underway to engage in charity work & giving back to society at different capacities mostly targeting young girls who are victims of many vices or just need some encouragement to push through whatever it is that they may be going through. My fans have been asking for CARA FERAL MERCHANDISE for some time now, my brand will be partnering with my management to ensure that they will be available soon. As earlier mentioned, I’m also set to perform in different gigs & festivals here in Kenya & around the world. More info & frequent updates will be available on my social media pages.

Listen to Main Chick, Cara’s Latest Single:

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