The Rototom Sunsplash Social Forum presents African approaches to global economic challenges

The Rototom Sunsplash Social Forum presents African approaches to global economic challenges

The Egyptian intellectual Samir will be joined by the Italian anthropologist and activist against land accumulation on the continent, Davide Cirillo, in a debate on August 19

The journalists and members of Agritools Elisabetta Demartis and Mikaila Issa will analyse the role of IT in agricultural transformation in Africa

The continent of Africa is full of emerging economies, although many of these emerging situations do not follow the parameters and dynamics that guide the so called Western economies. They often have their own rhythms and formats. The Rototom Sunsplash Social Forum 2017 will address this situation in debates on August 17 and 19, discussing the challenges and economic alternatives that are being proposed on the continent. These models form a part of realities unknown to us that are represented by the Africas of Africa, which is the core theme of the space for debate and reflection at the centre of the festival.

The African challenge to economic globalization is the title of the debate on Sunday August 19 that will bring together the Egyptian economist and political scientist Samir Amin and the Italian anthropologist Davide Cirillo. Both will discuss the African responses to the global economy and phenomena such as Land Grabbing and the efforts being made in Africa to stop this process. The other debate that will take place on August 17 will be that of The African alternative to sustainable innovation, participating will be the journalists and members of the NGO Agritools Elisabetta Demartis and Mikaila Issa, who will analyse the role of IT in the agricultural transformation on the continent.

Samir Amin is one of the most brilliant intellectuals of the contemporary lefts and an activist in the Third World Forum (Forum Tiers Monde) and the World Forum for Alternatives. In his intervention at the Social Forum he will demonstrate how Africa is generating its own formulas to respond to the global economy that for inertia drags everything into the cyclone. Davide Cirillo on the other hand will focus on the phenomena of the land grabbing and how Africa is attempting to stop this process of agricultural extraction by international investment groups. Cirillo actively participates in the WOTS-Walking on the South against the large scale purchasing of African lands and investigates the territorial transformations that they provoke.

Among the multiple responses that are being worked on in Africa to this emerging economic situation, which aim to be both social and sustainable, without hindering economic development. In this framework, enters the second of the debates in the Social Forum 2017 with an economic theme, with the Italian Elisabetta Demartis –with a long professional career in Senegal and Kenya- Mikaila Issa, social media expert.

Both are journalists and members of Agritools. A journalistic research project founded by Bill and Melinda Gates and the European Centre for Journalism on the role of the TIC (Information and Communication Technologies) in agricultural, fisheries and farming transformation in Africa.