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International Reggae Day – A Celebration of Reggae Music and Culture

International Reggae Day was inspired by Winnie Mandela during her official visit to Jamaica in July 1991 with her husband Nelson Mandela after his release from prison. Mrs. Mandela spoke of Reggae’s power through the works of Marley, Tosh, Cliff and others, to inspire South Africa’s people in the face of the oppressive Apartheid regime. A day to recognize the power of this art form seemed appropriate to Andrea Davis of Jamaica Arts Holdings and Reggae Day was launched on July 1, 1994.
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July 01 is recognized as International Reggae Day. This is 24 hours of celebration for reggae culture and its influence on the rest of the world. This event has a global media reach and is hosted in Kingston, Jamaica. The objective is to celebrate the best of Reggae Music and its worldwide impact using the power of music, media and communication technology to unite nations.

To celebrate International Reggae Day a series of Reggae awareness events have been organized; in homage to the impact that Reggae music has in Africa, particularly in South Africa. The aim of International Reggae Day [IRD] is to normalize and broaden the scope of Reggae. Reggae Music is loved and enjoyed by many across genres and age groups, yet out of reach. It will be to inform the general audience about the new sounds of Reggae coming out of South Africa. People can expect a laid back atmosphere, food stalls; kiddies play area, Reggae Music and Culture, fashion, Rasta books, infotainment and camping. They will be entertained by SA Top DJ’s and Live Bands who will dish out the latest Reggae and Dancehall from Mzansi. The events will form part of the lineup of events in the International Reggae Day Celebrations.

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