Steve Netshishivhe - Khonani Vhukuma

Steve Netshishivhe – Khonani vhukuma | Audio

Steve Netshishivhe – Khonani vhukuma

Title: – Khonani vhukuma
Artist: Steve Netshishivhe
Produced by: Steve Netshishivhe
Album: Tribulation and Dub
Genre: Reggae Dub
Release: January 2021

Khonani Vhukuma is a lead single from the upcoming studio album Tribulation and Dub by Steve Netshishivhe.

Khonani vhukuma Means Real friend. The song is all about real friends that are scares these days. If you have nothing, people runaway from you. It was inspired by the what is happening these days. Everybody want silver and gold.



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