Inwe Thungo Ya Daba – The latest album from CODE

The latest album from CODE

Thendo Theodia Gundula , known as CODE has released a soulful album is called “Inwe Thungo Ya Daba” meaning “The Other Side of the Board” a phrase that means the hidden side of our daily lives. The eight track album was released on the January, 15 2021. The album contains songs that caters the young and the old for both national and international audience. CODE wrote all the tracks except Memories which is written by Fhatuwani Edward Maposa.

Label: Les Royals
Genre: Reggae
Release: January 2020

Track List
1. Memories
2. Mano Masea Zwivhi
3. Inwe Thungo Ya Daba
4. Mazwale
5. Tshilikadzi
6. Tshiedzisela
7. Let It Show
8. Degesela

Available on all digital platforms.

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