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Zoro – Serious Times

Title: Serious times
Artist: Zoro
Produced by: Zoro / Spliff records int.
Released: October 2015
Genre: Foundation Roots

Living here in Europe we hear alot about immigration from Syria these times, and it brings up ugly discussions online about who has the right to be where. This brings me back in the time when we lived under apartheid where we could not even move within the country as a black person. I want people to think about their actions and understand that there are no borders, we are one people. This is also an educational song about UBUNTU, meaning what affects you affects me. And we can change, Remember that slavery was legal, segregation was legal and holocaust was legal. If it was not for the people standing up for their rights and what they believe in there could not be change. So stay strong, believe in your self. ONLY LOVE CAN CONCUR HATE. – Zoro