Perfect Giddimani Pens a Powerful Song For South Africa To Arise Again

Perfect Giddimani – Arise Again

Perfect Giddimani Pens a Powerful Song For South Africa – Arise Again

Perfect Giddimani, the Jamaican reggae artist known for his conscious and uplifting music, has recently penned a powerful and revolutionary song dedicated to South Africa. With his signature blend of reggae Giddimani urges South Africans to take back the land from foreigners. rise above adversity and embrace their true potential. Its powerful chorus rings out with an infectious melody and a sense of purpose. He shows a deep appreciation for the power of music to transcend borders, as he uses the music to reconnect with the motherland,

My “long to see” brothers and sisters who have been holding it down on ground inspired me to write this fearless but beautiful track. It’s quite clear and obvious that when we organize and unite physically mentally and spiritually through faith and persistence we can remove any mountain. As Africans we still have a long way to go, the cowards will say nay and the weak ones will give up on the mission. However, as for the real warriors, get ready to meet me on the front line during the time of battle, because we shall and we will and we must “Arise Again”. Death before dishonour or run for cover.

The heartfelt composition echoes Giddimani’s yearning to return to the source, the motherland where most of his fans and supporters are based. “I love all my country cousins. I get a lot of energy, good vibes and support from the masses so it’s only natural that I do the same in return respectfully. They love Giddimani for real times three. I can’t hide my tears. That’s family for life cuz. “

He expressed his appreciation for his Ugandan cousins through the uplifting song Respect Kampala with purposeful lyrics. He gave a nod to Kenya with the specially titled Riddim he produced, “Sheng Sleng” Riddim. Like slang, Sheng is mainly used by the youth and is part of popular culture in Kenya and has spread across social classes and geographically to neighbouring Tanzania and Uganda.

In all his compositions that he made for specific countries, Giddimani shows an astute understanding of their struggles, history and socio economic conditions. In Arise Again, he evokes the memories of heroes and heroines of the Sharpville Massacre. On March 21, 1960, police opened fire on Africans protesting oppressive South African Apartheid laws and inhumane living conditions. 69 people died and, according to the official inquest, 180 people were seriously wounded. He also references Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Front political party who is/was vocal on the issue of Land.

Giddimani’s passionate vocals narrate a powerful story of unity and empowerment. A story he hopes to narrate in person when he finally makes the trip. He has never set foot in Africa, yet, but that is something that is inevitable. I have never performed on the continent and I never came back since that day when they tied us all together on that stupid ship. You know that ship? Yep that same ship. That’s where the problems started.

Herein lies the message of hope, resilience and empowerment; inspiring Giddimani, who was given a South African name ‘Thabo’ to never lose sight of his efforts to make it home.

Arise again has its official release on October 7, 2023 on all streaming platforms

Arise Again - Perfect Giddimani



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