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Jimi Jah releases new single “Jah Know”

Jimi Jah Jah Know

Jah Know – @JimiJah

Title: Jah Know
Artist: Jimi Jah
Produced by: Mystic Fyah
Genre: Reggae Dub
Release: July 2019

Jimi Jah is a Portuguese artist heavily influenced by the musical culture of Jamaica. With the
Jamaican fire and the Portuguese melancholy, Jimi projects a wide range of feelings in
his tracks, always seeking a strong and coherent balance between sound and content.
The track is produced by Mystic Fyah, a Portuguese Reggae/Dub collective, active since 2007.
In the last years, they have released various original productions, having worked with national
and international artists such as MC Zuka, Joydan and Roots Raid.

“Jah Know” talks about Jimi’s journey as a human being who seeks to live in alignment with a
higher purpose, a task that becomes challenging living in a society full of contradictions. Jimi
tries to draw attention to what he believes to be the true path to change – “Real Revolution
comes from Inside”. Trying to see the world not as it is but as it can become, the artist
expresses the hope that gives him breath and propels his struggle, not for something material
but for something deeper and more intangible – “My fight is not physical; My fight is spiritual “.
After releasing the song “Mandela” in 2018, this new single is the first release of 2019, but it will
not be the only one. Jimi Jah, along with Mr. DuBong, a member of Mystic Fyah, will release an
EP later this year.

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