The Maccabis

the moccabisThe MACCABIS

We play a unique, uplifting, original blend of reggae, West African world music and African jazz.

We are a big band with a big sound that comes rushing at you like a wave and lifts you up out of your seat and onto the dance floor. From the moment you hear our brass section, all the way from West Africa, to the last note of our pulsating reggae beat, you will be entertained by our positive, groovy music.

Band Members – All band members are professional musicians.

Rasta Dumza Kumalo is our lead singer and rhythm guitarist. A recorded artist, he has released several albums with the Durban-based reggae group, The Meditators. A conscious Rasta Man, he embodies the positive message of THE MACCABIS.

Our keyboard player, Pat Mthembu, has worked with Ras Dumza for over a decade. Hailing from Mpumalanga, he is a multi-talented and self-taught musician with well over 20 years musical experience. Pat is the solid bridge between our rhythm section and our free-flowing brass section.

The second keyboard player is Jimmy Gabriel, all the way from Nigeria. He has a Grade 5 music qualification from the London Trinity College of Music. He is as comfortable playing jazz as he is playing funk and he is a master of improvisation.

Michael Ari Felix – or Dr Felix as he is known by all – is our trumpet player. He studied at MUSON, the Music School of Nigeria and Ibadan University at the Music Technology faculty and was a director of music at Emerald School. This man is serious about music, and it shows in his superlative skill and exciting melodies.

The third and final member of our brass section is our saxophonist, Idowu Ayeni. He is an electrical engineer by profession, having studied at Polytechnic of Ibadan in Nigeria. A natural and prodigious talent, he has been playing saxophone for five years.

From Benin, Sylvester Aklamavois the lead guitarist for THE MACCABIS. He has released his own Jazz album and plays for the Johannesburg branch of one of the largest evangelical churches in Africa – Christ Embassy. He has featured as a guest artist and session musician for many professional musicians.

From Ghana, from where the best drummers hail, comes our drummer “KK” Abeyie Isaac. He drives THE MACCABISwith his funky, groovy beat and the minute you hear the first roll from his drum set, you’ll want to get up and move your feet to the rhythm of our music.

Our bassist is Adam Bulkin. With over 10 years experience and a love for reggae music, he keeps it solid and clean. Holding the rhythm section together with the drummer, his bass lines keep you grooving to the rock steady sound of THE MACCABIS’ awesome music.





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