Cathy Matete Revolution Time

Cathy Matete – Revolution Time | Video

The Message

Official Video Revolution Time by Cathy Matete

Kenyan international Reggae singer Cathy Matete blesses us with a powerful message in the form of a song titled ‘REVOLUTION TIME’.

The song highlights the endless brutal killings, harassment, and injustices by the police force which is happening around the world. According to Cathy Matete Kenya, other African countries, and the black race have been facing widespread corruption, social injustices, extrajudicial killings, and oppression for years.

Cathy Matete, who usually sings about love and uplifting music, took a different path in this song, tackling hard issues that we as a race face from the system that is meant to protect us. Cathy informs us that when we lose our fear, they lose their power. Rallying each and every one of us to stand up and fight for our rights, IT’S REVOLUTION TIME!

Released on September 4, 2020, off the ‘Black Vein Riddim’ REVOLUTION TIME was produced by UK based Jamaican Sajay Productions. The official music video of ‘Revolution Time’ was availed for streaming on Sajay Productions YouTube channel on October 16.

The video meant to commemorate this year’s Kenya Mashujaa (Heros) Day which is on October 20 and also to celebrate Black history month. This is a very good reminder to all that Black is and has always been supreme.

The Video

The Music

Artist: Cathy Matete
Label: Sajay Productions
Genre: Reggae
Release: September 2020



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