Clash of the Titans: Black Dillinger vs Bongo Riot

Clash of the Titans - Black Dillinger vs Bongo Riot

Clash of The Titans

Following the historical live Verzus battle between the Dancehall Veterans Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, declared the Best Verzus off all time , South Africans were left salivating and itching for same to happen on their shores. Black Dillinger, South Africa’s popular Reggae Artist and 2019 winner of South Africa Music Award for Best Reggae Album, took to social media to challenge any “veteran” who was feeling “strong” enough to go up against him. Bongo Riot, 2019 South African Music Award Nominee for Best Reggae Album, known to many as the Dancehall Wakanda, the ghetto lyricist took the bait and cited that it was time to prove to South Africa who is the baddest. One DJ X-Angel stepped up to host the clash. The comments sections went ablaze!

Thus the stage was set for one of the most anticipated clash in the Reggae and Dancehall scene in Mzansi, two of the most active and talked about acts of this generation are set to go head to head, Tune fi Tune, in what is billed "Battle of the Titans" - Bongo Riot vs Black Dillinger

Date: 16 June 2020;
Time: 18:00 CAT ;
Space: Live Stream OGNOTS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Black Dillinger

Black Dillinger has been itching for a while to clash with somebody, anybody. A slightest provocation will set him off counting his 12 Stars, pulling out his Award Statue and re-announcing his first appearance at Jamaica’s Sting as the first South African to perform there. Then his clash chune ‘Jancro’ will form a soundtrack to this boastful bashing. This is what happened in the last clash shenanigans he got himself into back in 2017.

Speaking of Clashes, there was a lyrical clash that never was, that completely failed to climax. It was supposedly the veteran Black Dillinger pitted against relative new comers Maximum Stylez Crew – Pepsin, Fruitystar, Botanist and the other guy. Out of the blue, we woke up to foul clash vocab on our timelines. Maximum Stylez were reduced to Minimum Stylez and Fruitystar into Fruity Loops while Black Dillinger’s mouthpiece and groupie DJ Blakka kept up with the profanity that reduced him into an immature kid who just learned new terminology and just could not wait to use it. While his Master Black Dillinger reverted to pulling out his certificate that showed he performed at Sting in Jamaica. He reminded us of a retired war veteran who every now and then pulls out his only medal that he cherishes and polishes and reminisce about days gone by.

Maximum Stylez ran to the studio to record diss tracks (or was it counter diss) and came up with: Fruitystar – Jancro The Confrontation; (Fruitystar comes out blazin here. Its great to hear him stand on his own) Pepsin – Jancro The Murder ; BunPot and Botanist – Jancro The Memorial. The twelve star general, as Black Dillinger suddenly became known, was also in the studio recording some counter expletives tracks. (Thanks to Mad Koolia for the upload) Jancro | Run Me Head | M*fuckers | Call Me Name | Mood of Killing | Enemies | And Poof! just as it suddenly appeared, it suddenly disappeared. The End.

It turned out to be a gimmick. A publicity Stunt that went limp. Both parties declined to do a live clash. Most clash fans were gearing up for an ultimate lyrical war. Offers were made to host the clash, venues were donated some went as far as offering Cash Prize. But the hype had already fizzling out. The facebook clashes that we were subjected to suddenly halted.It was back to business as usual, with Black Dillinger headlining Maximum Stylez Caribbean gig and respective parties putting a like on each other’s posts. Well for what it was worth, it piqued our interest a bit, especially clash fans. Publicity stunts usually have a scope and objective, be it to increase sales, hype a new song or create a buzz or something. They are calculated and executed with precision. Here we were left wondering what the whole point was of this clash that never was. – MzansiReggae: Its Been a Great Year - 2017 Highlights

In that same year, Black Dillinger made an appearance at the Red Bull Culture Clash held at Orlando Stadium in Soweto. He was rolling with the Top Boys, a hip-hop crew that was battling it out with Reggae Dancehall, Afro Beat and House Music. Black Dillinger stood and represented for Hip Hop, cut a dub for AKA to kill the Reggae Crew represented by African Storm Sound. Dilli represented Hip Hop and not Reggae Dancehall at this Culture Clash.
Dillinger is also very popular with the soundboys for the killer dub plates he cuts for Sound Clashes.

Black Dillinger has got a lot to be boastful of, a career that spans over a decade, rising in Rastafari which impacts his lyrical delivery, blazing catalogue of tunes from way back in the 90's right up to 2020; a string of performances and appearances in Europe biggest Festivals, collaborations with artists from across the globe, international features and more. It would be interesting to hear which songs from his catalogue he is going to pull out, Jancro is on the table already, how far back will he dig into his arsenal of songs for this clash? That is what we expecting to hear on this clash, his music.

Bongo Riot

Bongo Riot, is not new to the game either. If Black Dillinger is popular with the soundboys then Bongo Riot is popular with the listeners and consumers of Dancehall, the underground massive. His biggest and loyal following comes from his ghetto in the East of Johannesburg and in Gauteng in general. He has got a crossover appeal to the Kwaito (South Africa’s homegrown and once popular genre) massive who have followed him back to the Dancehall sphere when he made his return.

Bongo Riot was once a member of the critically acclaimed urban-pop group, Gangs of Instrumentals founded in 2002. They fused different elements like street rap, RnB, Rock and Bongo Riot brought in the Ragga Ragga element. They went on to win The Best Urban Album at the South African Music Awards in 2009. They also won 2 South African Film and TV Awards (SAFTA) Golden Horns for best soundtrack in a TV comedy 2006 & 7; In 2005they got two channel O nominations for best group and best video; a SAMA nomination for record of the year 2008 and band of the Year at the Kora awards 2008 . Gangs of Instrumentals performed at premier events such as the Presidential Inauguration, Cape Town International Jazz Festival and the Indian Cricket League. The Band Split up and Bongo Riot made a return to Dancehall where he was welcomed with open arms. 2017 saw the release of  My Number One Riddim, a refix of the chart topping hit single My Number One by Gangs of Instrumentals from their 2006 Salut album. The song received even more exposure in 2008 when it was featured in the MTN world cup compilation, and received a SAMA nomination for record of the year.  The riddim reworked and produced Bald Head Rasta for Spiting Fyah Ink label and it featured Bongo Riot and various other artists.

Riot hit the club and Live scene and unleashed lyrics delivered in South Africa’s street slang and it resonated well with the massive for he spoke their language and their feelings of ghetto life. His signature tune, Dlozi Lam has become an anthem in the the Kasi Dances and Clubs. He became very active in the scene and released his major works, Next Levels under his new management, Powertainment which got a nod, by way of a nomination from the Music Industry. Riot also immerses himself in the sound system culture, often you will find him holding a mic toasting on Kebra Ethiopia Sound System whenever they play, especially in the east, their home town, the home of dub.

The Clash

The two have been stealthy at this battle for the title for a little while now. Back in 2018 at the Reggae Indaaba/International Reggae Day in Durban, Black Dillinger cut off Bongo Riot’s performance and Bongo walked off the stage after asking: "Dillinger what’s your problem hey?". A clash was anticipated soon after that, but nothing came out of it. The whole incident was squashed and silenced. Every now and then, shots are fired on social media, but nothing really ever amounts to anything, well until now. Its all set, the clash of the Titans Live!

Bongo Riot is an entertainer with lots of punch lines and quirky lyrics, while Dillinger is a vigorous seasoned performer with a huge catalogue of hit tunes, they both hold special places in the hearts of the Mzansi massive. Who will come out victorious? Catch the live action on 16 June 2020 at 18:00 CAT.

The Clash will be streamed on the following Facebook Pages:

Clash of The Titans: Black Dillinger vs Bongo Riot
Bongo Riot Rebirth
DJ Xangel
Black Dillinger


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