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Conscious People of Africa Going Green

Qumbu is a town in O.R.Tambo District Municipality in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The town is 61km north of Mthatha and was founded in 1876. The name is of isiXhosa origin, derived from amazimba aqumbu, ‘the corn has budded’, or ‘the corn is swollen’, referring to a tribal war which occurred at that time of the year.[1] 

Fast Foward to 2014, in Mabholompa, a small rural area, you will find a group of five young Rastas with a vision.  The vision of making Africa Green again. They have come together to form an Agricultural Project called Conscious People of Africa with vegetation being their main focus. The project was started in 2009 asa small scale garden planting vegetables. They started seeking funding that same year from the department of Agriculture. The following year they received funding  and started working on 10 hectors of land.

‘Our main aim for this project is to fight poverty hunger and unemployment in our community, to allow people to get fresh vegetables nearer and at a cheaper price, that’s Our first priority. We want to supply the local market with fresh organic vegetables and for the community to get food in time.’

‘We plan on supplying all the different kinds of vegetables and grains crops. We want to work with departments like Potato SA, Grain SA, NERPO etc to advance more. We must have our own Market place for vegetable and Grains. We want to be able to process Our Own products and pack them and export them to other African countries to feed Black People; create jobs and give people food at affordable rates and in time. We want to bring forth other projects to sustain and develop Our Black Communities, build art centers, play grounds for Kids, Schools, Churches, etc.So all in all My Lord We want to fulfill  InI Ethiopian Creed and Make Africa Green again. ‘ explains Ntsika Mzantsi, secretary of the  project. 

They would welcome any helping had, be in a form of donations, fund raising programs/ideas, man power and support, especially from the Rasta community.

Get intouch with them via email 92mntsikayezwe@mtn.blackberry.com, call on 07152304800715230480

We can either choose to be Facebook revolutionaries, or get out there and do some real work.  The conscious People of Africa has chosen the latter. Next time I find myself in the Eastern Cape, I will make sure seh that InI trod on to Mabholompa.

Salute! Conscious People of Africa. This revolution shall be Afrikanised!

MzansiReggae. 20Forward

[1] Source: wikipedia