Dancehall Reggae Hot Spots 2018


House of Tandoor

House of Tandoor
26 Rockey Street, Yeoville
Full Bar Catering
Open Daily: 10am – 2am
Cover Charge: Usually Free
@House of tandoor

House of Tandoor aka House of Reggae is the foundation for many an artist and DJ’s in and around Jozi and foreign. It has gone through phases and lapses. The oldest establishment that never ever shied from Reggae Dancehall. Jah Seed, back then he was still Apple Seed and Admiral of the African Storm Crew, were instrumental in starting and growing the reggae dancehall scene in Yeoville, and were the first to play at Tandoor. The doors of Tandoor have seen many international and local faces pass through dem, and if the walls could talk, they would tell of the many faces personas characters images cultures and eccentricities from around the globe that have been there.Tandoor, with all the changes that happen, from management to the reduction of the size of the complex, one thing remain constant, and that is Reggae Dancehall. All Seasons, all occasions all day every day. It is head quartered at South Africa’s Reggae Capital at the United Nations of Africa seat, Yeoville. Known and unknown DJ’s from Japan to the United States have held residency at Tandoor. Even Randy Chin, VP Records head honcho pass through Tandoor on his visit to South Africa. Fridays is Reggae Road Block with Resident DJ’s and Selecta Jun from Japan. Cover R20

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All Photo Cred:FB House of Tandoor

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