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Definition of a King: King MAS alongside a Council of Reggae Royals

Definition of a King - King Mas

“Definition of a King” King MAS – Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King alongside a Council of Reggae Royals

Since his previous release (Rasta Evolution) in 2016, King MAS has managed to snag a Grammy award for his songwriting capabilities and has consistently strung together powerful musical offerings with a staggering number of releases (over 20 in 2018 alone!). Unsurprisingly, the King has earned a sterling reputation for his prowess as a composer and as a performer. Having graced stages in Costa Rica, Trinidad, and across the US since his previous project was released; the stage is set for the Musical Obia man to release another potent batch of musical medicine.

Definition of a King is the first release out of the Bantu Nation Movement record label in 2019. Over a new millennium adaptation of the Jackie Mitoo classic “Drum Song” rhythm (crafted by Grammy nominated producer, and blood-brother, Mitymaose), a counsel consisting of a group of Reggae music’s finest lyricists has gathered to discuss what healthy masculine leadership consists of in the 21st century. With powerful verses from Randy Valentine (UK), Jahdan Blakkamoor (Guyana), Hymphatic Thabs (Lesotho), & Kabaka Pyramid (Jamaica), this international collective represents 5 countries in 4 continents. The hard-hitting lyrical content reflects the Pan-African vision manifested within this project, which has united five Bantu Kings from across the globe. The release of this song coincides with the weekend of remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of his sacrifice and the noble example of leadership that he epitomized. Look out for the upcoming “Crown” album that will feature this groundbreaking track plus a slew of new hits from King MAS & his musical allies throughout the Reggae kingdom. “Crown” is scheduled for release on February 14th, 2019.

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