Albert Bashmouth


Name: Albert Zanganembo
Genre: Multi Genre
DJ Type: Club | Radio | Sound | Events
Area: South Africa / Western Cape
Contact: |
Tel: +27 718150301
Mixtape Link: Mixcloud

Bashmouth Sound


Known as DJ Bashmouth with an infectious passion for music, a profound ability to read
crowds, and an unwavering dedication to his craft. A remarkable 24-year career as a
versatile DJ and entrepreneur. From co-founding Bashmouth Sound to owning the
“Not So Famous” Restaurant and Bar, my journey has been filled with
memorable experiences. I’ve received awards, coordinated festivals, held
residencies at top clubs, and successfully blended my passion for music and hospitality. As I continue to push boundaries and explore new avenues, I strive to leave a lasting impact on both industries.

Albert Bashmouth


  • Spearheaded the coordination and organization of numerous festivals, showcasing
    exceptional eventplanning and management skills.
    . Leveraged his artistic talent in graphic design to contribute to festival branding and
    develop captivating promotional materials.
  • Masterfully performed as a DJ alongside renowned artists, seamlessly blending and
    complementing their diverse music styles during live performances.
  • Thrived as a resident DJ in some of Cape Town’s most prestigious clubs, including COCO,
    Gold Bar, Sgt Pepper, Beerhouse, Souk, Marvel Bar, Dubliner, and Joburg Bar, enchanting
    diverse audiences and delivering unparalleled music experiences.
  • Joined forces with Yacoob Yachts, Cape Town& largest yacht company, as a resident DJ,
    transforming Weekend Party Cruises, Summer Reggae Cruises, Deep House Sessions,
    Amapiano Cruises, and Private Chatters into unforgettable musical journeys.
  • Headlined as a DJ at the renowned WTM Africa Word Travel Market Africa, representing
    Gauteng Tourism for three consecutive days at Cape Town International Convention
  • Served as the main DJ at the prestigious Africa & Tourism Indaba ATI held at Durban
    Convention Center for four exhilarating days, leaving an indelible mark on attendees.

Albert Bashmouth


Winner of multiple prestigious awards in the DJ industry for outstanding performances
and contributions.

  • Nominated for esteemed accolades that recognize his remarkable talent and impactful
    presence in the music industry.
  • Showcased radio DJ/presenter skills on Bushradio, hosting a weekly Thursday night show
    for an impressive 10-year run.
  • Co-formed the wildly popular movement, Mad Sunday Cpt, which continues to captivate
    audiences with its weekly Sunday events.
  • Empowers aspiring DJs, particularly focusing on female talent, through his renowned DJ
    school, nurturing their skills and fostering their success.
  • Conducted compelling interviews with renowned music industry icons such as Capleton,
    Sizzla Kalonji, Chronixx, Jah Mason, Lutan Fyah, Turbulence, Bushman, Etana, Antony B,
    Nkuli Dube, Mr Easy, Kenyatha Hill, Andrew Tosh, Andrew Robinson, Casper Nyovest,
    AKA, Mafikizolo, Jah Prayzah, King Labash, Micasa, and many more.

Albert Zanganembo

Bashmouth 1

Albert Zanganembo aka DJ Bashmouth is a multi genre versatile renowned DJ based in Cape Town South Africa with over 24 years of experience since his high school days. From that time over the years Albert grew to be a professional DJ working in different clubs organizing his own events, doing mixtapes, residence in different clubs, Djing on weddings, parties, streets parties and corporate gigs. Over this period Albert was the cofounder of Bashmouth Sound in 2001:

In 2010 he co-formed a movement called Mad Sunday Cpt which is a weekly Sunday event that has been running to date. In the same year Albert was invited on Bushradio to play a live mix then eventually became a weekly guest DJ then after over 1 and a half years he officially became a radio DJ/presenter on Bushradio for a weekly Thursday night show which he did for 10 straight years, winning awards, nominated in different awards and got to get opportunities to interview some of the biggest names in music industry names like Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji, Chronixx, Jah Mason, Lutan Fyah, Turbulence, Bushman, Etana, Antony B, Nkuli Dube, Mr Easy, Kenyatha Hill, Andrew Tosh, Andrew Robinson, Casper Nyovest, AKA, Mafikizolo, Jah Prayzah, Winky D, Micasa, to name a few.

Albert has been part of many festivals as a co-organizer / coordinator, graphic designer and also being part of the DJ lineup and even got to DJ for some big artists during their performances. September 2015 Albert hosted Sizzla Kalonji at Martin Adams Hall in Cape Town. March 2017 he was a main DJ / MC at Cape Town Jamming Reggae Fest at which was headlined by Gentleman from Germany, then December 2017 he hosted Jah Mason at his weekly event called Mad Sunday Cpt which he has been doing since 2010 to date. 

2015-2020 Albert has been a resident DJ in some of the Cape Town’s top clubs like COCO, Gold Bar, Sgt Pepper, Beerhouse, Souk, Marvel Bar, Dubliner, Joburg Bar, and many more Djing for different types of people, locals and tourists, playing different types of music from different cultures and races, before he opened his own Restaurant and Bar called Not So Famous January 2020
2021 He joined a Cape Town’s biggest Yatch company called Yacoob Yachts where he has be a resident DJ to date for Weekend Party Cruise, Summer Reggae Cruise, Deep House Session, Amapiano Cruise and Private Chatters.  April 2023 Albert was a headliner DJ at WTM  Africa World Travel Market Africa held at Cape Town International Convention Center for 3days representing Gauteng Tourism. 
May 2023 he was also the main DJ at Africa’s Tourism Indaba ATI held in Durban for 4days at Durban Convention Center

Currently running a DJ school focusing mainly on female DJs helping them to develop their skills and talent.






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