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Ghetto Queen Project – @thelady_slice

Lady Slice is gearing up for her first video shoot for her single Ghetto Queen with the date set for August 26, 2018 in Cape Town. The anticipation is high and she is inviting all the ghetto queens to be part of the shoot through her smartly crafted Facebook campaign. The sisters are asked not only to come to the shoot but to also post a favourite pic of themselves that they feel represents their Warrioress with the Caption as the video shoot call out; then tag her with the Hashtag #GhettoQueenVid #26August2018. This resulted in her FB timeline dripping with melanin as the sisters come out in full support and we are loving it.

This comes at the time when South Africa is experiencing the highest rate of gender based violence where women and children are being raped and/or murdered, usually by those who are supposed to love and protect them. More women are coming out, openly speaking about it, finding healing and getting support from others on social media. The Ghetto Queen project is in a way part of that greater narrative. Its aim is to uplift and inspire the ‘everyday women from ekasi who overcome so many challenges but come out headstrong.’ The sisters are reminded to wear their crown, to basically come and be true to their title as Queens, even in their work uniform if needs be, to represents the Resilient Ghetto Queen. Stylists, Makeup artists, Photographers, Videographers and other creatives are also invited, making it open source video shoot, where everyone can contribute creatively.

We are taking ownership. The Ghetto did not break us instead it has molded us to be Wiser and Headstrong.– Lady Slice

The video will be shot in three different locations starting at 09:00/09:30am in Khayelitsha (Site C) move to Philliphi (Marcus Garvey) (11:30/12:00 till 14:00/14:30) then end in Gugulethu (cnr Ny 1 and ny7 near Sports Complex) 15:00 till late.

About Lady Slice
Her real name is Unathi Jacobs and she hails from Cape Town. She is a dancer, social activist and a vocalist. She was part of the Cape Town Dancehall Crew Riddim Rascals which had dancers, vocalists, choreographer and a shelector. The members have since parted ways to focus on their respective talents and Lady Slice’s current focus is on making music. Her activism started showing when she coined Thick Madam Thursday #TmT. An initiative to combat body shaming by encouraging women to love their bodies, no matter what size and the thing took off, culminating in the Thick Madam Fashion Show. She entered the African Storm Dancehall Queen Competition in 2014. In 2018 she landed a leading role in the music video Gyal ah Murder by Pepsin and Fruity Star. She is here now, shooting her very first official video.

And we are also here for it.

Feel free to inbox her for further information on Facebook: Unathi LadySlice Jacobs
Whatsapp: +27 722787226

Cover Photo: ©Melak Zolani Helani



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