Global Reggae Charts June 2018 | King Kong

Global Reggae Charts Magazine | June 2018

One year ago the very first issue of the Global Reggae Charts magazine was released. Today we are looking at issue 13 of an outlet, that is now well established and has many supporters around the world. This month we feature King Kong – a veteran artist who made it to the top of the album charts with his new release “Repatriation” – as the artist of the month. You will find a new chapter of the “Reggae Careers in the Internet Age” series talking the pros and cons of DIY vs. a traditional label deal. In the “Business Insight” section you will find an interview with Gary “Riga” Burke about artist management in the 21st century and as the voter of the month we had a short chat with Anderson Muth – who is not just a voter on the charts, but also the editor for the Global Reggae Charts magazine. One major change you can find in this magazine. From now on the charts are released upfront to the month they are mend for, so, that they can have a longer relevance.

The charts are online and can be found at www.globalreggaecharts.com. Voter registration is now open as well. Visit the site for all the details

Global Reggae Charts Martch 2018 | Mica Shemaiah

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