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Premiere of Global Reggae Charts

Global Reggae Charts

The charts are the first attempt to get a picture of what currently matters in reggae music across the globe. Felix Rühling, the founder of the German reggae promotion and production service company Boomrush, initiated the project.

Global Reggae Charts takes a different approach from other charts. Most charts, like the Billboard 100, are based on a combination of physical and digital sales and, nowadays, streams.

Which leaves out quite a significant number of releases which have a major imprint on the Reggae scene, but were offered as free downloads. The Global Reggae Charts in comparison are based on votes by reggae radio hosts (radio in the broad sense; regular online shows also qualify). As many relevant reggae releases today are free releases, distributed to fans via SoundCloud & Co., Rühling regards this approach as the more natural fit.

Basically, the global reggae charts are based on the votes by radio hosts and musical directors, who PLAY reggae on their station, who understand what is relevant in Reggae and what the word on the street is. Think of the Soundsytem Culture in spreading Reggae Music.

Currently, the charts are still in beta mode, meaning, the first edition is based on a small sample of early-access voters. Rühling says: “We have to get the system right first. So we tested the voting process and worked on the data analysis first. The next step is to grow the voter base. Having something to show should be very helpful with that.” To that end, a new edition of the charts will be released every month from now on. They can be accessed on the website and are published as an eMagazine or find them right here on MzansiReggae.

The first edition features Top 20 single and Top 10 LP charts. Once the voter base has reached a sizable level, country/region-specific charts will be rolled out; a crucial step that will help put the spotlight on Reggae in Africa, as this will offer a glimpse into what and who is relevant in African countries when it comes to Reggae.

The magazine also contains some additional content besides the charts. Readers will find interviews with Nattali Rize – whose album Rebel Frequency tops the LP charts – as well as Maken from polish national radio – Czwórka. “It’s important to me to be as transparent as possible”, Rühling explains, “thus, we’ll present a featured voter in every edition”.

Voter registration is now open as well.  Visit the site for all the details.