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Hulle Wil Os Siek Maak – IyaTunes [Covid 19 Attact Riddim]

Iyatunez - Hulle il os sie maak - Covid 19 Attact Riddim

Hulle Wil Os Siek Maak – Covid 19 Attact Riddim

Title: Hulle Wil Os Siek Maak (They Want to Make Us Sick)
Artist: Iyatunez
Riddim: Covid 19 Attact Riddim
Riddim Produced by: Plofstof Records
Genre: Afrikaaps Dancehall
Release: April 2020

Afrikaaps Dancehall originates in the ghettos of Cape Town, in the Cape Coloured areas. Afrikaaps is derived from the words Afrikaans and Kaapstaad (Cape Town). The term is used mostly in the Hip Hop Circles but has crossed over to Dancehall as both genres are interlinked. There is a new wave of artists who are set preserve and uphold the subculture  – which is heavily influenced by Rastafari teachings and the ghetto livity – by staunchly delivering their songs in Afrikaans patios. Iyatunez is one of the many artists pushing for the subculture and making a mark in the Dancehall fratenity.

In Southern Africa, Cape Coloureds  are an ethnic group composed primarily of persons of mixed race, they are the predominant population group in the Western Cape. They are generally bilingual, speaking Afrikaans and English, though some speak only one of these. Some Cape Coloureds may code switch, speaking a patois of Afrikaans and English called Kaapse Afrikaans also known as Cape Slang (Capy)

Unlike the many Corona Songs that urges people to stay at home, wash their hands and wear masks, Iyatunez songs touches on the socio economic impact of the corona crisis and states that it is man made with malicious intentions of controlling the people.

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