Impilo Ka Jeremiah Fyah Ises – The 1575 Reggae Prince

Impilo Ka Ntanga – Jeremiah Fyah Ises New Album

Every generation has a star that comes along and sweeps everyone off their feet with their charismatic personality, vocal prowess and stage presence that leaves even the seasoned artists who have been practicing their craft for years in awe. I believe Mzansi  has produced one such fine artist that is steadily growing in leaps and bounds.

I remember the very first time when I first saw Jeremiah Fyah Ises on stage, it was at a reggae festival in Johannesburg a decade ago. It was a very cold May Day and as the crowd started dwindling away, artists rushed through their sets just to have some performance time, when almost everyone had left, this, seemingly shy guy walked up on stage. He was at the time a hype man for Doc Inity of Kebra Ethiopia Sound System. I remember the first tune he belted out that night, it stopped me dead in my tracks and I had to pay attention.

Fast Forward to 10 years down the line and the name Jeremiah Fyah Ises has become a staple in the Reggae Dancehall scene. With a growing fan base, Jeremiah Fyah Ises moved from being a shy guy to being the Reggae Prince, slowly paving his way to becoming one of our 20th century Reggae star; staunchly representing his hometown, Kwa-Thema – Springs, with the area code 1575, hence the moniker 1575 Reggae Prince.

His first recorded project is the still popular debut album “Uhambo – The Journey” recorded in 2012 and independently released in the following year. He worked with  Producer Shamrock Guitar delivering tracks like Never Go Low which propelled him to stardom in the Mzansi Reggae scene. He was recently awarded 2019 Standing Ovation Award at the Standard Bank National Arts Festival for his stellar performance which was highly appreciated by the audience, a feat that placed reggae among the leading genres of music in South Africa.

After working and waiting 7 seven years for his follow up album IMpilo kantanga to be released, which he attributes the long wait to “ups and downs”, he says he had already lost hope that it will see the light of day. The 11 track Album Impilo kantanga which loosely translates to ‘My Life’ has been long in the making and at a recent radio interview on Ragga Attack, he described it as a “Book” and that the album is all about love. It features the popular hits Happiness, Nhliziyo yam, “Lenalena” – in which Fyah Ises sings about a relationship whose troubles emanate from interfering outsiders.

The one song that tucks at my heart string is BUYA which is about a guy/lady who has been left by his/her lover and is asking for them to comeback cause they miss them and nothing is going right in their lives since they left. The kind of chune that would get me to take my ex back, on the spot. A classic track which pleasantly highlights the experienced production team behind the project and it goes straight to the heart. Fyah Ises is not trying hard to impress but is simply relaying a message in the most heart-warming way that would make anyone think twice about their decision.

He worked with producer Tiyanjane Chamwendo on this album. Chamwendo is a seasoned producer who has worked with many other artists in and out of South Africa including Gabriel Stuurman who produced and played for various acts like Siphokazi, Camagwini, Mafikizolo and Tshepo Tshola. To add the final touches they enlisted the services of the award winning recording engineer David Segal, who elevated the entire project to new heights, signalling the higher levels Fyah Ises is set on.

Impilo Ka Ntanga features collaborations with Afro soul singers Ndamcel and Csana.

Impilo Ka Ntanga got its digital release on 06 September 2019 and it was worth a wait. The 1575 Reggae Prince is has cemented his spot on our Mzansi Reggae Wall of Fame.

The album is available on all digital platforms and streaming on all major channels.

Jeremiah Fyah Ises - Impilo Ka Ntanga

Title: Impilo Ka Ntanga
Artist: Jeremiah Fyah Ises
Genre: Reggae
Label: Baak Ah Yaad Entertainment
Featured Artists: Ndamacel , Csana
Producer: Tiyanjane Chamwendo/ Gabriel Stuurman
Release date: 06 September 19

Track List

  1. Happiness
  2. Sondera
  3. Bayadlala
  4. Awunandaba
  5. Nhliziyo Yami
  6. So Good Ft. Ndamacel
  7. I Wonder
  8. Cold Like Winter  Ft. Csana
  9. Lenalean

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