Jeremiah Fyah Ises – Impilo Ka Ntanga – gets a SATMA Nomination 2022

Jeremiah Fyah Ises 2019 Album – Impilo Ka ntanga gets a SATMA Nomination

Impilo Ka Ntanga, Fyah Ises’ sophomore album has got a life of its own and its own story to tell. Conceived soon after the debut Uhambo_The Journey,  which came out in 2013, Impilo Ka Ntanga did not see the green light until 2019 when It got its official release.  Fyah Ises attributed the delay to the ‘Ups and Downs’ in the industry.  During this period, Ises had become the newest sensation growing his fan base and making his way to becoming The Reggae Prince, 1575 Reggae Prince. The anticipation for the follow up album was high and he kept hinting at the release and putting out promos and performing the songs that would be on the album. This went on for a period until the buzz died down on its own. Jeremiah kept going strong still, featuring on some hugely popular riddims, notably  My Number One Riddim and Piece by Piece Riddim with his track Nguwe landing the number two spot at RaggAttack Top Ten. He performed regularly at the famous Bassline Fire Thursdays hosted by African Storm Sound and at the Vibey Back To My Roots Festival.


Things took a positive turn when he got connected to Baak Ah Yaad Entertainment and earnest work started on the completion of the Album. He soon released a promotional video and started honing his stage craft performing with the Baak Ah Yard Band across the country. The album was produced by Gabriel Sturrman and Tiya Inity engeenered by Dave Seagal released under the Baak ah Yaad label and features Afro Soul Singers Ndamcel and Csana. With such an exceptional production team, it was tell tale that the album will soar, and it did.

In 2020 Impilo ka Ntanga was nominated at the South African Music Awards for Best Reggae Album, contending with Skeleton Blazer, Botanist, Fruity Star and the overall winner and ex stable mate of Fyah Ises at Baak Ah Yaad, Bongo Riot.

In 2021, Impilo ka Ntanga had a visual representation, he released a video for the lead track  ‘Happiness’ and ‘Buya’ shot by Stried Filmn in Johannesburg.



In 2022 Impilo Ka Ntanga gets a nomination at the South African Traditional Music Awards for Best Reggae Artist/Group contending with Burning Fire and Lutendo CJ Munyai.

Impilo Ka Ntanga got two nominations in different Reggae Awards. It did not win the SAMA in 2020. Will it win the SATMA in 2022?

The voting lines closes on September 30, 2022.