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King Mas – Zombie Apocalypse and Addis Pablo – RFID Chip

A double dose of consciousness and reality music that may seem like science fiction. Released in time when people in America celebrated Halloween with the true meaning of it lost to many who celebrate it. Fear not, for not everyone is Zombified and there are people like Kingmas The Ras, whose mission as the Musical Obeah, is to relentlessly speak truth to power as he intones:
See them walking about aimlessly / incapable of thinking and never satisfied /
Overeating, overdrinking / mixing antidepressants with nicotine and caffeine /
Just to be a productive worker / for an oppressive regime /
Operating under stress / Internalising foreign ways /
Alienated from yourself / in the pursuit of better pay /
Seeking religion / another opiate to dull the pain/
of existing as a slave / even in this morden day
Junior Byles tell dem from long time / vanity will fade away

While King Mas hits us lyrically, Addis Pablo hits us melodically with RFID Chip both on the same riddim from Royal Order Music. It was not a random decision to release them both at the same, for the two songs were made to be listened in that royal order. One complements the other. Take a listen for yourself, then head over to itunes to get yourself a copy. This is music.

Title: Zombie Apocalypse
Artist:King Mas
Royal Order Music
Release: 30 October 2015

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Title: RFICD Chip
Artist:Addis Pablo
Royal Order Music
Release: 30 October 2015

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