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Reggae Artist Senzo Mthethwa is still Alive

In 1999 he lost one of his back up vocalists Rosinah Tlou during a ‘musical performance around Africa’ and he was never able to forget this ordeal nor forgive himself for that loss. It was enough for him to bear and retreating to his native land was the option most fitting. The rumour of his death started and it spread like cancer. Despite the rumour fans continued to inquire about him. Youtube came along and fans started uploading his music, longing to hear news of him, from him. The comments section reveal the extent of his reach, how and how much he has touched lives across Africa and the constant question: “Is Senzo still alive?”

The rumours were so vile, in one answer to the question, is Senzo Still Alive? ” He is dead, he actually died before Lucky Dube. Some people believe that he was murdered by Lucky Dube due to his Single album which became so popular.Lucky dube was frightened by Senzo’s popularity which could minimize his popularity.” – Answers.com

No one really knew what happened to Senzo. It did not help that here at home we had forgotten about him, we were in the dark as much as they were and to be honest, we did not bother. Senzo Mthethwa continued to live his life in obscurity while he regained his health and continued to work on music.

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