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Top 15 Bob Marley Covers by the Sistas

In this edition Bob Marley gets a feminine touch, a feminine representation and remake of the the king’s classic tunes. Starting from the cover pic with his eldest grand daughter Donisha Prendergrast re-imagining The Legend Album cover. The list includes a neo soul rendition from Ms Badu; some acoustic vibes from Lulu Falamera; MC Lyte blends it in with a hip hop version; a poetic flow from Floetry: a skanking version from Althea & Donna; a theatrical treatment from Worl-A-Girl; a sensual remake with an award streak from Ms Corrine Bailey Rae and of course the indelible mush up with Ms Lauryn Hill. We round it off in a standing ovation with an 18min long jazz rendition from the one and only Ms Dianne Reeves.

Bob Marley would have turned 71 today. Earthstrong Vibes.

15. Worl-A-Girl – No Woman No Cry

14. Alicia Keys – Redemption Song

13. Tracy Chapman – Three Little Birds

12. Queen Latifah – Who the Cap fits

11. MC Lyte – Jammin

10.Erykah Badu – No More Trouble

9. Floetry – Waiting in Vain

8. Althea and Donna – No More Fighting

7. Marcia Griffiths – Trench town Rock

6. Judy Mowatt – Concrete Jungle

5. Nina Simone – No Woman No Cry

4. Lulu Falemara – Waiting in Vain

3. Corinne Bailey Rae – Is this Love

2. Lauryn Hill – Turn your lights down

1. Dianne Reeves – Waiting in Vain

Bonus Track: The Fugees – No Woman No Cry