Booking Agency launches Website – Be Wild Production

Booking Agency launches Website – Be Wild Production

Be Wild Production is a Label, Management and Booking Agency specialising in Roots and Culture Reggae. The agency has its operations largely in the ReUnion Island, where the founding member of Be Wild Production, JahSam Ras Militan is based. The website went live last week, giving the full scope of the agency, which has as its core business, Artist Management and Bookings.

JahSam Ras Militan has been working with Cape Town’s Azania Band for quite some time now, and has booked them at shows like the International Abi Reggae Festival in Ivory Coast and many other shows in Africa and also in the ReUnion Islands. His frequent trips to Cape Town has also accorded him the chance to meet with other artists and placed him in a unique position to enter the South African Reggae Market.

The label now boasts an impressive list of musicians from the Carribean to Europe and back to Africa. South Africa is represented by 7 out of the 14 artists in their catalog. He managed to grab top notch artists, the cream of our current crop of artists.

The artists represented by the Label  are: Azania Band, Nkulee Dube,  Zorro, Daddy Spencer, Crosby and  James Mange from South Africa; Cedric Meyton of The Congos; Blood Shanti from the UK; Droop Lion and the Gladiators from Jamaica; Mirna from Ivory Coast; Ti Rat Rouge Reggae from ReUnion Island; Ruth Tafebe from Ivory Coast. There are also two Sound Systems represented by the label. Heartical Sound from France which has had close ties with Africa and is placed among the top ranking Sound System out of France. Kebra Ethiopia Sound (currently on tour in Brazil), renowned Dub Ambassadors of the South African Dub Experience has also inked the bookings and management deal.

It is no doubt that Be Wild Productions has got the best and top notch artists under their label. Experience and technical know-how, has brought them to this level. It is a first for South Africa to have so many artists signed under a booking agency which will ensure that they get to perform in so many countries outside of South Africa, most of the artists signed perform regularly at international gigs anyway.

The Website is up, with a beautiful clear crisp design, written in English and French. It is Easily navigable and gives insight to all the artists on board. It has everything you need to know about the artists and makes it quite easy to reach and book the artist of your choice.

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