Scorpion Da Student

Llewellyn America

Born Llewellyn America , In Parkwood, Cape Town, South Africa. South African Reggae/Dancehall Artiste/Song Writer At Rebels’tone Muzik Lab’ Alongside His Two Older Brothers Skeleton Da Scientist And Spyda Stringz Da Principle

Scorpion Da Student  was raised by his mom and dad’ and since that time scorpion listened to reggae music and reggae music inspired him in many ways. In 2008 He recorded his first song featuring Spyda Stringz  titled Question , and it was well received by the public. Scorpion decided to record another reggae song with Spyda Stringz titled Redda Fire‘. It is a conscious song that people loved and which made Scorpion take it to the next level in his music career. Redda Fire became a hit in cape town  and was heard by lead singer of Sons Of Selassie, a pivotal figure in South African Dancehall Reggae

Scorpion Da Student voiced for several producers and labels in Cape Town releasing songs such as Redda Fire, Question, Sunshine Girl.  2010 was also the time which Scorpion Da Student became known in USA and in Europe and ended up with several combinations with big artists like Skeleton Da Scientist, Spyda Stringz,

In 2013 Scorpion Da Student collaborated with Jamaican Artistes ‘Lady Tremor’ – Nevaramo’ on their Description & Nuh Miss Yuh Funeral singles. Further success followed with  his EP DEM RATE MI BAD. He got world wide recognition through Rebels’tone Muzik Lab and Watchrunningz was heard by New York-based Johnny Wonder, a pivotal figure in North American Dancehall Reggae, who instantly recognized the potential of its hardcore appeal to the urban markets Stateside. The young and talented fresh artist Scorpion went world wide and got crowned as Di Stingah and he got recognition in the UK, France, Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, Denmark and Canada.
His musical career went to the maximum level, a level where no other artist has taken it before.

In 2014 Scorpion Officially Joined the Spartan Army, approved By Tommy Lee Sparta “Scorpion Is Thee Baddest Deejay I’ve Ever Seen/Heard” Tommy Lee Sparta ‘Uncle Demon’ Said With A Smile On His Face’. And Not Long After Scorpion Joined Sparta Side ‘Uncle Demon’ Decided To Tattoo Scorpion In His Face Cause Scorpion Is Di Youngest And Thee Baddest. Scorpion Di Stingah Is Thee South African Tommy Lee Sparta. Scorpion then released several songs witch he recorded at his own label “Rebelstone Muzik Lab” a South Africa “Cape Town” Recording Studio.

On the 16 April 2014 “Scorpion” got robbed and stabbed in the chest, in the same ghetto that he was raised. He was able to overcome the experience and left it in gods hands. In the following week Scorpion recorded a song called The Scourge Of Scorpion explaining what happened that night. Scorpion is  very dedicated and committed to his art and  he is outrageous and quite determined too.

In 2015 Scorpion Da Student will tour  the United Kingdom with SATEC Organisation as a loyal member, performer and entertainer.

Watch Out For Him In The Near Future.

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