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spyda strings cropLloyd Xander America

Born in December 09 in Retreat Cape Town, Lloyd grew up in a ghetto environment which is rife with gangsterism, drugs and poverty. He escaped from this negativity by directing his energies to music. Lloyd’s singing inspiration came from listening to various genre’s of music which consists of reggae, dancehall, hip hop , house and RnB. It was in primary school where Lloyd’s thoughtfulness and philosophical nature led to the nickname Spyda stringz. In 2003 Lloyd recorded his first song with his eldest brother Leroy ”Skeleton da Scientist” by Andrew Schoeman known by many as ”Red Lion”. This encouraged him to pursue his craft professionally. “My first encounter on stage was shocking, I could not believe the response of the crowd” “When I first started out, I got so frustrated because you carry original material to the studio and people act like they don’t even want to hear it. They want you to sing something that everybody already know,” explains the artists. But this did not set Spyda back, he kept with his original style.

Around 2010 Spyda wrote/produced and recorded his own music under the label ‘Rebelstone Muzik Lab spyda became well known locally for producing instrumentals/riddims to mastering vocals, internationally. Spyda also worked with well known artists in Cape Town like Crosby Bolani, Daddy Spencer, Lady Keelah, Brother Manchi (Sons of Selassie) Scorpion di Stingah, Skeleton da Scientist, and many more. In 2013 Spyda’s works finally paid off, international artists felt the energy and input in his works.

Hit songs like Life is a blessing, I’m in love with you, Shot Dem, was written, produced, recorded and performed by Spyda Stringz.

Today Spyda proved to be a huge success not to only him but an inspiration to all the youths globally.




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