RIP Jahman ‘Jump the gun’ Chiganja

By Lufunho Munzhelele

RIP Jahman ‘Jump the gun’ Chiganja

Jahman Chiganja (Real names Humbulani Muthude) was laid to rest this past Sunday (04/02/18) at his home village of Mushiru. Jahman Chiganja was a prominent Reggae artist known for his unapologetic lyrics. Songs such as ‘Ni songou mpfurela’, ‘Kha iye’ ‘Vha na vhuyada’ and the anthem ‘ hectars of ganja’ will be remembered long after the brotherman is gone. Rastas from all corners gathered at a local School ground to bid farewell to their hero.

On Saturday (03/02/18) Univen FM and PhalaPhala FM dedicated their Reggae programmes to honour the legend. His songs could be heard everywhere, from passing cars to home stereos. An Agricultural teacher by profession, Jahman was loved by many who listened to his music religiously.

Local artists paid homage to their colleague by giving mourners a live perfomance during and after the funeral. Colbert Mukwevho, Shufflers, Black Jahman, Humbu Ramagwedzha, Khakhathi, Ntshenge, Ras Canly and many other local artists were seen in attendance. Shufflers also gave a moving perfomance of ‘Shango lo vhifha muvhilini’ the everlasting collaboration he did with Jahman Chiganja. (

L-R: Shufflers, Humbulani, Black Jahman, Tshililo


“Mr Policeman, if you don’t wanna help I now, I’m gonna plant 10 000 hectars of ganja” – Jahman Chiganja

Rise in Power Jahman ‘Jump the gun’ Chiganja