Khillaz Champian

Ronald Makweya, also known as Khillaz, is a Cape Town based Reggae & Dancehall artist who is Malawian by nationality. He has worked with several Malawian top producers. His name started trending mostly in 2018 when his music topped Reggae/Dancehall music charts on Malawian radio stations and performing live in Cape Town’s trending venues. Khillaz is known for his musical uniqueness that gives the listener a feeling of transcendence, while providing an uplifting and inspirational message of positivity and encouragement to the listener. He has recently released a few singles namely “Missing my Gyal” and “Kush”.

Khillaz moved to Cape Town in 2016 where he currently resides in Imizamo Yethu, Hout Bay. Regardless for the socio-economic struggles of living in a Township, Khillaz is never shy to show case his passion. D’versCT a record label company based in Cape Town, Hout Bay, discovered him while he was a chef at one of the most renowned fine dining restaurants on the Atlantic seaboard. The team was blown away by his character, his talent and his undeniable charisma.

Currently under the umbrella of D’versCT, Khillaz is collaborating with various Cape Town artists such as Nik DaFrik, DaFaith and many more to expand his music portfolio and possibly release his first EP in 2019.

He is truly a self-driven and inspirational artist, he is the modern definition of a “Go Getter”.


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Kush – Khillaz (D’versCT) | Audio


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