New Online Reggae Radio Show – Lion Paw International

New Online Reggae Radio Show – Lion Paw International Online

On Friday, 3 February 2017 at 6pm Central African Time, Reggae History was made when the Online Radio Station dedicated solely to Reggae music and culture went live, broadcasting from Johannesburg. The programme broadcasts every Friday from 6 – 9pm CAT, hosted by DJ Lion Paw and DJ Tall Fellah. Two veterans in the reggae music industry with a sizeable following that they have garnered over the years through the Sound System that they operate. The name Lion Paw International ranks among the top Sound System/Selectors in the country and in particular clash culture, and boasts an impressive collection of Dubplates and music.

The radio show is an extension of the Sound System. It is upbeat and interactive, with a live chat group and call-in line to join in the conversation. They tackle topical issues that are current, thereby keeping the listener updated on all things Dancehall and Reggae from Johannesburg to Jamaica. Because of their experience and knowledge of the music and culture, they have so much information and anecdotes to share. They also invite and encourage listeners to join in the conversation and share thoughts on a particular issue that affect us.

The autonomy that comes with the online broadcasting means that there are no restrictions and censoring of the type of music played, giving it another edge over the shows that we listen to on the radio [compiled], and that is a welcomed diversion. Their Pan Afrikan outlook and views are an added bonus that inspires and encourages dialogue.

If you miss the show, you can log on to their Soundcloud page, where you will find all the previous episodes uploaded after each broadcast.

Catch The Lion Paw International Online Radio Show every Friday 6-9pm CAT on

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